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Quick Tip: Mesh to Curve

mesh to curve

Olav Bergsvik is producing some very slick 'quick tip' videos. In his first one, he's converting part of a mesh back to curves for some procedural modeling.

Olav writes:

Short tip on how to convert mesh to a curve and how to use it (an example)


  • snot_nose

    when using curve modifier with array, your object (the seeds in this example) might get distorted when you look closely on it. to avoid this you can use the dupliframes option on the curve path instead

  • Tiles

    There's a typoe in the title: Cruve


    • Bart Veldhuizen

      Fixed, thanks!

      • PhysicsGuy

        However, this fix has not yet propagated to *grin*

  • Roger H.

    Thanks for the tip.

  • onjoFilms

    I'm a big fan of quick tips. I can't believe how many different ways there are to do the same thing. It's like a game.
    I even thought about sponsoring a contest: make this with the least amount of steps. One day I'll do that.

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