Weekend Contest: A Place of Safety


(Image: Old child’s toy by Arnaud Travert).

Aron van Leeuwen won last weekend’s contest with his image ‘Butterfly‘. He picked ‘A Place of Safety’ for this weekends challenge. What are your associations with this theme?

Post your work below (attach an image), and vote for your winner. The winner will get a post on monday, and will get to pick next weekend’s contest theme. Have fun!

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  • Wil IJpelaar

    To safety by Navy Seals.

    • http://www.blendernation.com Bart Veldhuizen

      Nice one! It doesn’t exactly make me feel ‘safe’, but I really like the dark atmosphere.

      • Wil IJpelaar

        Thanks Bart for the vote.
        This Navy SEAL gives you security so you ar ‘safe. ;-)

  • rollon

    This is my 1st entry into any contest. I had to rush some textures, I just don’t have the time to spend on it that I would like to. All done in Blender apart from the water foam/spry and a vignette that I added using Gimp.

    • http://www.blendernation.com Bart Veldhuizen

      Did you do that over the weekend? Impressive!

  • Wil IJpelaar

    Image made with Blender Blender 2.68
    Vignet made with Paintshop pro.

  • Eric Varela

    Inspired by recent weather….

    • Guillaume Gris

      Nice work Eric. I really like the low-poly style and lights are great. Also, since I’m doing ski this week-end, I’m quite in the mood to appreciate your entry.

      • http://www.EricVarela.com/ Eric Varela

        Thank you kindly good sir! Does this mean we don’t get an entry from you this week?

        • Guillaume Gris

          You are right. I won’t have time to blend this week-end.

          • http://www.EricVarela.com/ Eric Varela

            Well in that case I look forward to seeing more of your work next week!

          • Guillaume Gris

            Thanks, I hope I will have time next week-end. And congratulation for your nomination (even though you didn’t win).

    • http://www.blendernation.com Bart Veldhuizen


      • http://www.EricVarela.com/ Eric Varela

        Thank you for your kind word :)

  • Raphael Beaudin Lavigne

    Fire camp
    My first entry made with blender 2.69 only

  • http://3dnett.no/ Thomas Nordstrøm

    I ended up making a image this time too. Tried to get kind of a computergame look to it. Only diffuse shaders in cycles and some Gimp editing for the underground texture and background. The moon drawing is re-used from a earlier contest-image. I hope you like it. :)

    • http://www.blendernation.com Bart Veldhuizen

      Nice work Thomas! It fits great in to the theme :)

      • http://3dnett.no/ Thomas Nordstrøm

        Thank you! I’m glad you like it! :)

  • LordScorp

    Life in a Cashew

    Cashew is a typical brazilian fruit. It’s delicious! I wonder how nice it would be to live inside one… so, this is my render.

    Hope you enjoy it.

    • http://www.blendernation.com Bart Veldhuizen

      Excellent work. I wouldn’t be surprised if you got some questions about your material setup ;-)

      • http://utopia3d.wordpress.com/ Utopia780

        Indeed.. I was wondering how did he got this delicious shaders. It feels so tasty!
        Congratulations LordScorp! I have never tasted the whole fruit but I love that darker tip.

  • http://utopia3d.wordpress.com/ Utopia780

    Well.. as I don’t have the time to participate in the contest here’s my idea for my entry:
    A butterfly cocoon hanging in a ivy/tree with the sunset behind it. Maybe someone can do this in this remaining hours!

    • elvetos

      Made with Blender 2.69

  • RJ

    Blender 2.69, some noise reduction in Photoshop CS6

    • RJ

      Somehow couldn’t convince Disqus to attach the image…

      • http://utopia3d.wordpress.com/ Utopia780

        Love this RJ!

        It seems that the guy who lives there decided to leave his comfort bubble and went out to explore the harsh real world. We should all do that!

        If I where you I would render it in a printable size, frame it and hang it in the studio wall. Love the square size also.


        • RJ

          Thanks! Funny to hear what you see in it – I thought of it as ‘ready to flee into safety’ :)

          Framing it, that’s a great compliment.The idea intrigues me – I’m rendering a 4k x 4k version just in case it’d look nice on a wall.

          Thanks again!

  • http://balaperdidarenderwor.wix.com/balaperdida-render kajanutrio

    blender 2.68a

    • Guillaume Gris

      Wow ! It looks like the inside of a borg cube from star-trek. Not a place I would have called “place of safety”. Other than that great render !

      • http://www.blendernation.com Bart Veldhuizen

        I thought the same thing :) Very hard-scifi, I like it.

  • signguy

    modelled & rendered in 2.68 – no post

  • John

    Here is my submission

  • Weston Martin

    Under the covers. Last minute entry. Cropped, noise reduction, and little color correction done in Windows Picture Viewer. Just though you should know. Made in Blender 2.69

  • Marco Mazzo

    Hi all!! This is my first time entry!! Hope i’m in time :P

    • http://www.EricVarela.com/ Eric Varela

      This is really charming. I love the elephant!

      • Marco Mazzo

        Thanks very much!!

  • Philippe Wagneur

    Made with blender 2.69

  • nachoc

    Maybe I’m a little late.

    This is my test this weekend. Blender Cyles 400 samples.

    The box is safe

    Hope you like

    • Christoffer

      I really like how simplistic it is. It’s creative and abstract while still fitting the theme. I also like the complementary colors you chose. Overall nice work, I think.

      • nachoc

        Thank you. I appreciate your comment very much. I’m trying to learn a little about lighting in Cycles …


  • RJ

    Interesting addon, nice! For now I’m going to be happy with the 4k though :D