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Raspberry Pi Brain

Here's a nice little video to wake up to. Created by Marius Krabset.


  • Modin

    Very nice! Reminds me of Iron Man's chest piece.

  • RNS

    Just a little motion blur between frame. Sample at face book

  • Moolah

    Ha-ha! )) Punk stuff! ) Very cool and realistic!

  • Moolah

    oh yeah... I see some issues on edges but it's usual. I guess it can be fixed through modelling a piece of the head with hair.

  • ByronK

    Where can I get one of those implants? I seem to have reached my biological cognitive limits.

    • beta-tester

      you want those implants? for what, upgrading or downgrading? ... :D

  • Sender

    Okay that is waaaaay toooo nice ,and I want to make one .

  • DramaKing

    Really neat concept. I can see one problem in the tracking, and I think it's because the man's eyebrow moved.

  • TheDuckCow

    You should use affine tracking (I think that's the tracking type?), works brilliantly tracking skin so you won't have to use those pieces of paper on your face ;)


      do you know any tutorial on this??

  • amcam

    I keep getting 'playback failed'

    • Bart

      Strange, it works for me and everyone else. Do you have Flash installed on your system?

  • Sergusster

    Very inaccurate tracking actually.

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