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Siggraph 2013 Reel Call-for-Content

siggraph-2013-logo1The Blender Foundation is getting ready for Siggraph 2013 and they are compiling a new Blender Reel (here's the one from last year). Mike Pan is calling all Blender Artists to contribute their work, and help promote Blender.

Mike Pan writes:

The work you submit here will be considered for the Blender 2013 Demo Reel to be displayed at Siggraph and online.

We accept finished animations, break-downs, and still images made entirely, or with the help of Blender.

Please submit your entry by July 15th!


  • randomguest

    What is the target aspect ratio for submissions? (will videos be cropped for example if not widescreen?)

    • mikepan

      The final reel will likely be in 16:9.

      • randomguest


  • LightDash

    i can´t believe it, i can´t create anything right this moment, i have no much time for creating something decent :(

    or perhaps i could create a static image made in blender of course, i´ll see what i can do

    • LightDash

      but an impressive static image of course, i´ll try but i don´t know if i can make it, i can´t believe it :(

  • Blender Magician

    Does the artwork have to have been made in 2013? how about late 2012?

    • mikepan

      Artwork doesn't have to be made in the past year. In fact, older work that you haven't shown in the previous reels are fine too.

  • daniel west

    I saw some blender work at Bconf 2012 which was really good, it was nominated for a suzanne, it had a strange rabbit which attracted a guy into a trap.. I can't remember the name of the short, but the guys who did it were from Belgium and presented the project at the confereence..

  • natewinck

    Can the work be licensed under CC BY-NC-ND instead or does it have to be licensed under CC-BY-ND?

    • mikepan

      BY-NC-ND is fine as well.

  • oraclefish

    "Resolution: 1920x800 or higher"

    ...can't be 1280x720? Has to be 1080p?

    • mikepan

      We really, really want 1080p material if possible. However, exceptions can be made if the work submitted is awesome!

  • pixelatedprofanity

    Is there a limit to the amount of work submitted per person?

    • mikepan

      There isn't really a limit. But to be fair to everyone else, we'll try to pick the best work you send.

  • Pavel Anoshkin

    sent two versions of the video in *. zip. in *. zip archive can be?

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