Doctor Who: Augmented Reality Tardis


Greg Kumparak created an augmented reality version of Doctor Who’s Tardis, proving that it IS bigger on the inside! Despite the ‘rediculously steep learning curve’, he pulled it off in a few days.

The BBC writes:

To bring his idea to life, the Silicon Valley-based designer first created a 3D computer model of the Tardis’s interior using the free-to-use open source computer software programme Blender.

He then used the Unity graphics rendering engine – commonly used by independent video games developers – and Vuforia – an AR app development platform made by the chip maker Qualcomm – to allow a smartphone to interact with his creation.


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  • DRCD1

    It’s smaller on the outside!

    • PhysicsGuy

      Or,as Clara Oswald put it: It is smaller on the outside!

  • Brian Lockett

    Neat, man! That’s pretty cool. Knew this was viable to do in Blender, but I never thought of using Unity that way in conjunction with Blender.

  • Sender

    That is beautiful .

  • theolagendijk

    This is great! Thanks for sharing this inspiring piece of art.
    This is like thinking outside the boundaries of your box while remaining in the box. Just bloody brilliant.