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Codecademy 3D Artists Python Learning Group

Are you interested in learning to program in Python? Codecademy now hosts a "Python for 3D artists" group.

Tamir Lousky writes:

Codecademy is an awesome website where anyone can learn to write code and get into grips with programming for free, in a gamified, motivating environment. The learning process is based on writing code and completing exercises, and you earn badges for completed tasks, courses and special projects.

The website now hosts quite a large number of python courses, that can kickstart anybodies python programming skills.

Recently, they also added a new feature - learning groups, so that users can discuss the materials, help each other, and keep track of each others progress (something that elevates the gamified learning experience from "single player" to "multiplayer" in a sense).

Since python is so important for 3D animation software, I proposed a group called "Python for 3D artists" and it was added to the list of groups today.

I think this is a really nice opportunity for any Blenderhead who wants to learn python in a group, to discuss it's animation oriented uses with other 3D artists, or even to create new tutorials that focus on 3D.

To join the group, you need to open a (free!) user on the Codecademy website.

To create a user, enter the codecademy website.

This is a direct link to the "python for 3D artists" group (will only work after you have logged in as a codecademy user!).


  • Nazzareno

    Awesome! I didn't know this site. Next year I will spend a lot of time there :P

  • LightBWK

    Signed in, but 404 on the group link.

    • Greg Zaal

      "will only work after you have a codeacademy user!"

      • Bart

        Changed the wording a bit there ;-)

  • David Bogas

    Same as LightBWK

    • Francisco Ortiz

      Me too! Even if I login I can't find the group.

  • herry

    The computer accept
    "myname" (enter) ,but not "myname".lenght(enter)
    now I cant use " but I must use 'myName'.length
    where are these high commas ??

  • taddmencer

    I love CodeAcademy. I have learned a lot through their site!

  • renatogsousa

    also error for me in the group page, even after logging in...

  • Ray Mairlot

    CodeAcademy is great, learnt javascript and jquery through it.

  • Oskar

    I logged in but the link does not work. I get a permanent 404.

  • Oktyabr

    Yup, link broke here for me as well.

  • lJoel

    For those of you who find the link broken, you have to become a beta tester for python in your account settings for it to work.

  • Bart Veldhuizen

    Ah, that's a subtle difference, thanks! I've updated the text.

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