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Tutorial: Custom Studio HDRI Creation for Cycles

By blazraidr.

blazraidr writes:

Here is a tutorial which chronicles the process of creating a custom HDRI studio in Cycles using a free pack of individual lighting elements typically found in a studio environment.



  • Sender

    For a studio set up , wouldn't it be, a lot better to build ,a nice clean studio, with some decent industrial light boxes , and render the car in that environment ?

  • powlly

    nice tut,I'm going to try these.thank you.

  • Andrew James Swinamer

    This is great! The hardest thing to figure out from watching was the soft room and when it got put in the scene, you said you wanted advice on your tutorial. I haven't yet played with the HDR pack so it isn't really fair to criticize yet it looks really easy to use, thanks.

  • cgxev

    If anyone needs Free HDRI visit these. Especially the last one has very nice lighting.

  • Reaction

    Thank you: very useful information on positioning environment lighting - this will definitely help me improve my 'studio' lighting. Hope you can get that nVidia card soon!

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