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NI mate v1.11 released with Ubuntu 12.04 support

Motion capture application NI Mate now runs on Ubuntu.

Julius Tuomisto writes:

We're very happy to announce that with the release of NI mate v1.11, we now officially support Ubuntu (12.04). This - combined with the Blender add-on we released last spring - makes it extremely easy for you to start using your Kinect for motion capture or game prototype creation (in BGE) on Linux.

You can download and register for a free trial license (completely enabled for motion capture) at For starters, why not check out this semi-advanced tutorial by Janne "jahka" Karhu on how to use NI mate to control an existing rig with NI mate in Blender. More tutorials are available on the website.


  • suslicek

    Great! I have only one problem - Microsoft.

  • suslicek

    Do I need XBox or it runs without Xbox?

  • sleepwalker

    Wow. That is the coolness.

  • Blendiac

    Fantastic. I *love* the idea of this. I'm a bit concerned that we still haven't seen any examples of NI mate showing an animation at a natural speed. The demo's always seem to show people moving very slowly.

    I'd love to see some examples such as a character doing a range of jumps (forward, up), a wave at the normal speed, turning around (where their feet stay still but they pivot at the hips and shoulders).

    I'm not after another tutorial. Just a video that shows the best of what NI mate's capture system can do.

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