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Interview: Fabio Russo, developer of image layers in Blender and the Advanced Array Modifier


Learn more about the Image Layers extension and the Advanced Array Modifier, and about the guy about all this, Fabio Russo, in this interview by BlenderDiplom.

Gottfried Hofmann writes:

BlenderDiplom talks to Fabio Russo who currently is developing layer-based editing for the blender image- and texture-editor. He is also working on advanced features for the array modifier. Find out about the person behind those projects and his experiences with crowdfunding.



  • kivig

    I was why array modifier is so limited for long, but somehow my google missed this.
    Awesome! Any plans for including AMA into release?
    Improving array is a must have.

    • kivig

      There's some faulty auto-correct here or in my head :) Whole words are missing.

      • FloridaJo

        I'm thinking he said he is the reason the array modifier was limited. Sounds like a confession to me! Get the pitch forks!

        • kivig

          I meant the Blender's internal modifier is limited :) mr.Russo can't be blamed for that :)

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