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Opel GT by rogper


An excellent car render by Rogério Perdiz. The .blend file is available for download!

Rogério writes:


On the last 4 years, I've been developing an accurate model of an 2006 Opel GT. The entire development was registered on the blenderartists wip topic with the same name.

For me this project continues to be a wip and will try to finish it someday.

I'm releasing it hoping to see some cycles renderings and also to everyone better see the details and learn from my mistakes :)



  • davidzerba

    Woah! Super awesome model and really nice render too! Just looking at the picture I can see so much detail and work put into this, GREAT JOB!

    • rogper

      Thanks! The render is viewport GLSL by the way :)

  • afalldorf

    I've been following the development of this model since its first beginnings 4 years ago. Considering the amount of time and detail put into it I am surprised and humbled by the fact that you would release it to the public. Awesome work and thanks for sharing :D

    • rogper

      Thanks! It's my pleasure, I could never show how much detail it has just by renders :) the release was inevitable... I just would like to had been able to make it a bit better and more complete before, but anyway... it's the best I could do with my hardware.

  • Brian Lockett

    4 years?! Dat commitment! And it's such a nice model, too, man! Congrats on your progress thus far!

    • rogper

      Thanks! It was one full year if you count the actual work hours at 8 hours by day. In real time with all the pauses it took the 4 years then :)

  • Blind

    no comment... awesome work. realy great work... no comment ;)

    • rogper

      Hehe thanks! If you spot something bad let me know, this is a wip so I probably still will fix it :D

  • Moolah

    Wow! Four years! Looking very accurate!!! Very generous, Rogério!
    Thanks a lot, what can I say else! :) I'll test the .blend as fast as I'll have time for this!

    • rogper

      I thank you for the nice comment! :)

  • zsolnai

    Incredible work, congratulations. Unfortunately, both my Blender 2.63 and 2.64 hangs indefinitely upon opening the project.

    • rogper

      Yeah, that is true it's unfortunately the price of detail, it's more or less the same on my machines.

  • JTxt

    This is incredibly inspirational work! Your love for accuracy and detail is awesome.
    THANK YOU very much for sharing your progress and the model. It takes this way over the top. This is craftsmanship. I just want to show this to students at my local collage now, and model.

    • JTxt

      collage -> college. :O

    • rogper

      :) Thanks for the kind words and positive feedback!
      Hope the students also find it interesting, kids nowadays only like the Lambo Aventador hehe

  • Zecc

    I was taking a glance at the BA thread.
    I see you've modelled the [i]inside[/i] of the rear-view mirror. That's some dedication!

    • rogper

      I was young back then... did allot of foolish things hehe

      • rogper

        Ho! Btw, on page 58 theres is already there an awesome cycles render from Zordan.

        • Zecc

          Yes, I've seen it, and it looks great.

          By the way, you say "allot" a lot, but that's not how it's spelled. :)
          The expression comes from the word "lot" which means "a bunch, a large amount". Also used in "lots of whatever", for example. Kind of like the Portuguese word "monte": "um monte de gente", "montes de batatas", etc.
          It's a common mistake, so don't feel bad.

          • rogper

            Thanks for the heads up! You are, of course, absolutely correct, I'll remember it from here on :)

          • fatsnacker

            Cool, Zecc's smug arrogance?

            I didn't realise a prerequisite for posting here was to run the guantlet of Zecc, self importance.

          • Zecc

            I'm sorry you thought I was being arrogant, fatsnacker.
            I was just trying to be helpful.

  • fatsnacker

    Blimey, had to register just to make this comment.

    Absolutely amazing work. I would suggest you approach 3dworld and see if they are willing to make an article out of it. I love the way the modelling was started in 2.49.

    kudos for also making it a free download.....

    • rogper

      Thanks! :) I think it was blender 2.45 hehe

    • Bart

      Yeah sorry about that, but the site was getting overrun by a troll. He spoiled it for everyone :(

  • fatsnacker

    just out of interest what are you machine spec's

    • rogper

      On 2008 it was:
      Pentium D 830 (dual core 3.0ghz, no hyper threading);
      2Gb DDR2 533Mhz Ram;
      Nvidia Quadro FX with 256Mbram;

      Since Spring 2012:
      Pentium D 840 EE (dual core 3.2Ghz with Hyper Threading, thus 4 threads);
      3Gb DDR2 Ram;
      Nvidia Geforce GT440 with 1Gb ram

      On Summer I bought more 4Gb ram and have now 6Gb on total (had to replace some slots that were using 512Mb*2)


  • fatsnacker

    Vote for this to be the next splash screen for blender 2.65. No just what would it look like with the Zordan render with the Blender logo on the bonet or the side? to crass?

    • rogper

      Zordan render looks photo real, showed it to my parents just now, they couldn't tell it was a CGi car. Even I have troubles remembering it's a fake car :D

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