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Is it in Blender yet?

Blender Guru offers an up to date list of the status of some popular features.

Andrew Price writes:

With new blender builds being uploaded by the hour, it's hard to know which features are currently available and which ones are yet to come.

So I've created this new list called "Is it in Blender yet?".

It's an up-to-date list on what features are currently available and which ones that are yet to come.

I'm hoping it's handy to users who don't have time to check through all the available development logs and just want a simple yes or no answer.



  • Brian Lockett

    Useful, Andrew! Thanks!

  • Skwerm

    You forgot the "Make Cool Render" button. I'm still waiting for that puppy!

    • Chrome Monkey

      It's already there, it's just hidden. Choose "load factory default settings" to have all the fancy options already turned on! Well not all of them, Ambient Occlusion is still turned off by default, but that's most of it.

    • Chrome Monkey

      (Alternately, perhaps a button that loads a special scene with a ready-made three-point light setup, a drop-canvas, the ray-transparency button pre-selected and so on. The default cube would be a Suzanne.)

    • Sen

      I thought that would be Cycles?! (^_-)

  • cgxev

    I need shadows and AO in the viewport, realtime, like 3Ds Max, that would have been very cool.

    • Sender

      That is nice , It would be a lot nicer if Solid viewport shading were to draw correctly .

  • winnertakesteve

    very helpful link! being an open source project, i think making this type of stuff as visible as possible is really smart. if it included a link to the developer pages for the various projects, it would be a great way to hopefully drum up support and hopefully donations to things "coming down the pipe" that are of particular interest to users!

  • Blind

    Volumetric rendering for cycles would be cool but mid-2013...

  • Sender

    caustics would be super nice ...

  • Jack

    I find myself asking a lot "Is it at Blendernation yet?" Just saying... no, asking:)

    • xboong

      Mean you for a example: the Developer Notes?

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