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Blender Conference 2012 Opened

Watch Ton Roosendaal open this year's Blender Conference.

New videos will be posted here during the weekend.


  • Eduard Gotwig

    This video is not available in your country - Germany ... I hate you GEMA.

  • m.ardito

    sorry Bart i don't think this post is correct, new videos seem to be here

    btw the video res is awful, can't read any text, leave alone any nice rendering detail... i don't know why but bconf videos from this place are almost terrible any year...


    • Bart

      Hmmm yes they've changed the address. Thanks!

      • Carpaithian

        The quality is still too horrendous, They should have planned this a little better before having the conference. I understand we are not paying for this and that live streaming is expensive bandwidth wise, but, surely they could have declared that they had no equipment to accommodate the desire for HD streaming content long in advance so we could either rally up the funds for a camera or set of cameras. I apologise if I sound ungrateful, I do come across like too often.

  • Carpaithian

    I'm regretting not going this year, I said I could just watch it live or watch the videos as soon as they uploaded to youtube but the resolution is just abysmal to say the least. At first when I saw the bad quality streaming I assumed maybe the high bandwidth required to stream is not there and maybe they are going to upload the high definition version later on. Boy was I wrong about that. You might as well just use audio or not stream at all. Very disappointed. >:(

    • Bart

      I agree, the video is horrible this year. I'll raise the issue with Ton today.

      • fmoritz

        And yet, video after video is being released with same poor results.

        I'm afraid to say that this is, to a degree, going to reflect negatively on the Blender community, most especially with 'professional' audiences that Ton is trying to target.

        Is there any other higher quality sources that they could utilize for show casing this event or that could perhaps be linked here?

  • fmoritz

    It's great stuff, to listen to, but why even bother recording video when you know it's going to be terrible?

    And that screen in screen is just making it even worse...

  • Blendiac

    The video always seems to be horrible through Google Hangouts. You'd get far better just with a $100 flip cam, directly uploaded to YouTube / Vimeo / etc.

  • tin2tin

    Will the videos eventually be uploaded in a higher quality? In some of the talks I really wish that I am able to see what's going on in ex. the Blender ui.

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