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Blender used for Red Dwarf

Woah! Blender is used in one of my favorite scifi series - Red Dwarf! Ben Simonds writes:

We recently worked on some vfx for the new series of Red Dwarf, a long running sci-fi comedy series here in the UK. Whilst the episode we did the shots for is the last in the series (Episode 6), some of our work also made it into the opening titles of the show, and of course we did it all in Blender! You can catch the it on thursdays at 9pm UK time, on Dave, whilst episode six will air sometime in November.



  • mzungu

    I LOVE Red Dwarf! Great show! (Unable to watch the latest stuff, being State-side, but look forward to when Gecko posts their work! Could you remind us, Bart?)

    Smeg Yeah!

  • sleepwalker

    Have to catch up on the new stuff though. I get feelings of nostalgia when I remember the earlier stuff and the miniature models they used. It's about smeggin time they integrated 3D/CG...

  • Sender

    This is very cool .

  • Brian Lockett

    Flippin' awesome! I love Red Dwarf! Haven't seen the new stuff, so I'll have to catch it somewhere. Any chance of sharing some of the Blender-created CGI elements?

  • panzi

    I love Red Dwarf. I feared that the new series will not live up the old stuff but I was pleasantly surprised. While it might not be perfect continuity wise it is funny!

  • Sean Siefken

    I have a 2 year old daughter and I love her, but I dropped her on the floor and left her crying there while i read this news.
    That is how much I like red dwarf, and blender had a hand in it.
    I am so happy
    that i may even
    change her nappy.


    function Excuse {
    if (calledOutOnBeingDrunk) {
    Debug.Log("It's a Sunday, gimme a break!");

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