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'Course of Character Creation for Animation'


A Spanish on-line Blender training starts on October 15.

IHMAN writes:

Escuela Online is a school dedicated to teach and divulge Blender. Our aim is help the Hispanic Blender Community with tutorials and courses in spanish.

The course lasts for 26 weeks, 20 weeks of classes and 6 weeks for a final project. The course is online, there are video conferencing, personal video tutorials to help students and personal corrections directly with our teachers (you can have as much time as you need). It costs just 360 €. We also facilitate free speaking tutorials for begginers.

We start this October 15.

If you wanna inscribe in this course you can do it through this link. You’ll find more information here.

Greetings IHMAN.

Course of Character Creation for Animation workshops education

  • laurencd

    What's quite amusing is I have used that music for a video piece that I did a few months ago. Good'ol FMA, and Broke for Free (the artist in question)

  • ojosverdes

    that cool, looks very profesonal.

    • IHMAN

      Thanks, we have worked hard to prepare this course.

  • Xero

    Hmmm my Spanish is really poor I wonder if I can still follow along. This looks very well put together.

    • IHMAN

      The spanish is really basic and every reference to the Blender's Interface is done in English :)

  • themonster

    this is very nice that in Spanish we finally can have a good modeling/rigging training, and an affordable price, modeling and rigging, specially rigging cartoon that is very nice and difficult too
    modeling cartoon, that is awesome, every tutorial is about realistic modeling, this is cartoon baby!!!!

    • IHMAN

      Thanks, "themonster", you are right, we think that for newbies "the cartoon rigging" is quite good if you wanna start with rigging.

  • ellosnoexisten

    Really amazing! I'll learn a lot! :) Thanks for such a nice & useful course!

    • IHMAN

      Thanks for your comment, you will see how can you improve step by step, we start with a basic rigging and finally you will learn to produce professionally. There will always be a teacher at your disposal :)

  • F i L

    Looks like an awesome course

    • IHMAN

      Thanks, we hope people enjoy it!

  • Perolet

    I'm looking forward to it!!!
    I did the first one "Graphic Design and Publicity", It was very complete.
    I recommend it!

    • IHMAN

      Thanks Perolet, we are glad that you are with us again :)