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By the AgenZasBrothers and their trainee, Tristan Salzmann.

Zacharias Reinhardt writes:

Hi everyone,

some weeks ago, we had a trainee, named Tristan Salzmann, for one week in our Studio. Together we produced a short funny actionfilm called „Blentrix“. As you can guess, its a parody of „Matrix“ just with Blender. Unfortunately we didn't finished the film during this week. So we worked the last few weeks to finish it – and here it is!

The video was filmed with the Canon 5D Mark II. All the 3d work was done in Blender. The compositing was done in Adobe After Effects and the editing and the sound editing in Adobe Premiere.

The two videos have english subtitles!

So have fun!

Blentrix – Introduction


  • Rogério Perdiz

    Pretty cool! Very well executed idea :)

  • tinonetic

    That was simple but funny.

  • Will

    This is an amazing short with a great idea! Congrats

  • Guest


  • Aroidzap


  • cmo

    Array Modifier! Hahahahahahahahaha!!

  • Joaclint Istgud


  • Misiulo

    I really like this new interface!!! Is it already merged with trunk?

  • mallow

    Ha, I've figured out the Suzanne ending. Very funny and nicely done! Too bad it's only understandable for blender users. Maybe next time try to do something for the wider audience ;-)

  • kram1032

    I already see part two: With enabled AddOns for Meshprimitives.

  • EnV

    Coolest idea I've seen here around in years! Congrats, this would deserve to be more developed, imo...


    ha ha Pretty cool video, you forgot the ShrinkWrap Modifier you would have won the battle !

  • Kirill Poltavets

    Cooool! :))) I like it very much!
    Next time you should make something like BlenTRON! :D

    • jwrl

      ... or Blenvatar, or Blender Trek, or Blender Wars, the Blendinator, Total Blender...

      Could be the start of a whole new genre!

  • pixflo

    Congrats GUys, very funny and cool!
    but..Why not particles attack?! :)

  • mcbeth

    hahaha nice

  • craig hellman

    Fantastic, just the right blend of action and humor, perfect.

  • jzbosco

    Being a Matrix fan; I love it!

  • graphixgeek

    That was great! This might be a new paradigm in teaching the basics of modelling in Blender :)

  • lucky

    aha good laugh! And technically well done

  • Josemaria RRA

    very good!! hehe

  • joker159

    is it all made with blender ,??
    how do you integrate video and blender effect ?

    • chromemonkey

      They used the Blender camera tracker with the Blender VSE (video sequence editor) of course.

      • joker159

        thx You :)

    • Zacharias Reinhardt

      Not everything, just the 3d models, animation and rendering (in cycles) was done in blender. Compositing in Adobe After Effects and editing in Adobe Premiere. We even used the blender camera tracker.

      • joker159

        Well, it's all very good, but Adobe product is note available for linux sadly :(

  • Blaise

    Hi folks!
    I like the basic Idea, and I think this short film is nicely done. However, to me it still looks like either a test or work in progress. That's probably because you use basic 3D shapes (for attacks etc.) during the whole film - which might be intentional, but lets the whole down in my eyes.
    Try to unleash the real power of Blender!
    Anyways, good job and keep going! :)

    • Guest

      thats until you find out the whole Environment was cg ^^

  • Blendermagic

    Mein lieblings blender tracking film!

  • Matías Hernán Plonski

    Great Video!!! technically well done, but it's a shame the idea of always show people fighting.

    • Zacharias Reinhardt

      Yes thats true, but it should just be a internship-project for one week. First we wanted to finish it in this one week - but it takes a little longer.
      I even though to myself, with this idea you could do an a lot more complex and interesting movie. But for this internship it was really much more than ok!
      You could do something like that:

  • Philmaker

    I liked the voice overs. Especially "Array Modifier." Very clever :)

  • Renato Sousa

    great job. congratulations.

  • ThreeheadedMonkey

    What we can learn from what happened: never use a lowpoly mesh in an ending sequence, it might be broken from inside :D

  • kip45

    Man you kids are lucky these days, in my time all we had were vhs camcorders and in camera FX!

  • onjoFilms

    Awesome job!!!

  • MadMartin

    Very funny, but I did not see any subtitles on either of the videos. Good job my German is just about good enough to understand most of the "making of" video.

    • Ben_Lind

      Press the CC button in the bar at the bottom of the video.

  • SteveHtml

    That was fun !!! Thanks

  • Dennis F.

    Gnadenlose Begeisterung! Super Idee Jungens! Mehr davon ... ich bin gern dabei :D

  • Marco Franco

    Wow...amazing and fun!

  • David Mcsween

    Wow, that was amazing, sad that they completed all the compositing in After Effects :( Nodes rule!

  • webrunner

    Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizards, Spock,... Suzanne!!!!!

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