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Tristan Lock Modelling Reel

All modeling done in Blender by Tristan Lock.

Tristan writes:

Did you do the animation also?

No animation. I did a little bit of texturing and lighting in some shots. But nothing worth pointing out.

What was used for the animation and rendering?

Well the "Kajimba" and "Lighthouse" stuff was a complete Blender pipline. The animation would have been Maya or 3ds max. And I'm pretty sure all but "Kajimba" and "lighthouse" was rendered with "Vray"

Tristan is available for freelance work. For more information check out his profile on the Blender Network.



  • snot nose

    Wow, amazing reel! top quality blender work. I'm sure you are going to be kidnapped soon.

  • SaphireS

    Awesome work! Although some wire-shots would've been nice...

  • Jordan

    Like most reels out there, unfocused and too long. And the music is atrocious. My suggestion would be to focus on the actual modelling, rather a haphazard approach of animation.

    Overall, the work os good but it's with the presentation that leaves a lot to be desired.

    • Greck

      I agree with you Jordan. It is not a bad trailer but the presentation is a bit lacking. Considering that the description says Modelling Reel, I think most prospective employers would be more interested in the actual models, wireframes etc. Tristan if you get the chance to read this please don't take it as a critique of the quality of your work. I just happen to agree with Jordan that given the description this reel is not actually showing off your modeling skills. About the music, I have to say that I don't think it's atrocious but I am sure I've heard it before in at least another half dozen reels. I think it's a good overall reel showing off your work but you target audience would expect to see something else. Good job though dude and keep up the good work.

      • Tristan Lock

        It's ok. I'm a big boy, I'm open to criticism. Thanks for the feedback :)

        • Greck

          Glad you didn't take offense man ;-). I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future and by the way I was wondering do you have a website showing off more of your work?

  • Helder Oliveira

    Great work!!!

  • JoolsMcFly

    I think it's a nice all-round reel, like one a studio would create. However it's def not a modelling reel. I can't tell what you have modeled, unless it really is everything we see!

    I did like all the animations though.

    Good job.

    • Tristan Lock

      I pretty much did model everything. I'd say 90%-95% is mine. It would be easier for me to list the stuff i didn't do, than the stuff i did. Here's a bit of a breakdown.

      Fruitloops: Environment Modeller, Tree character
      Coke: Character Modeller, Blue monster, purple alien, pink bunny, goblin, princess, soldier
      DigiCel: All-round Modeller,
      Birdseye: All-round Modeller, Texture Artist
      Lighthouse: All-round Modeller
      Kajimba: Character Modeller
      DGC: Character Modeller, Texture Artist
      LeasePlan: Character Modeller, Texture Artist
      Nearby Nerd: Character Modeller
      Lucozade: All-round Modeller, Texture Artist, excluding car texture.

  • David Mclean

    Did the creator only use Blender to make this

    • Bart Veldhuizen

      Try reading the post. It helps.

  • Paul J Mason

    Very impressive reel.

  • Lowdweller

    Good reel, impressive modelling.
    Considering the quality of Kajimba and Lighthouse, it does leave me wondering if all clips could have done in Blender.
    I especially liked the toon-shaded renders. Nice...

  • Kirill Poltavets

    Amazing reel!!! And the pace is really good. I would like to see this for a minute longer because it's really captivating!
    And the music is cool, it's very motivating to create something new :)

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