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Interview: Francesco Siddi from Tears of Steel


BlenderDiplom interviews Francesco Siddi about his work on 'Tears of Steel'.

Gottfried Hofmann writes:

Francesco Siddi was 3D artist and animator for the upcoming Open Movie "Tears of Steel". He is also in charge of the project's website and created the skin for the official Blender Wiki. BlenderDiplom talked with him about the pipeline, the openness of the project and how they handle criticism from the community.



  • Misiulo

    WoW! Looks just like a photograph. I'm impressed.

    • Rogério Perdiz

      Awesome hair strands!

      • Philmaker

        I am now confused..

        • Extensor Jones

          Almost looks human...

          • SP

            How did you get the hair particules to render in cycles !? X-D

    • mcbeth


    • sp

      !! How did you get the hair particles to render in cycle !!?? X-D

  • RyanJohnsonD

    That's the most amazing 3D face I've ever seen!

  • Francesco Siddi

    All the comments are about my face! I'm impressed.

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