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The Variable Cross

Dolf Veenvliet [Macouno] has created another web-based interactive gadget. This time, you can configure your own piece of jewellery and have it 3D printed in silver.

Dolf writes:

The website has had a new Blender based item added... The Variable Cross. The cross is a pendant made from 5 parts that you can swap/customise in your web browser (works best in Google Chrome). You can then order one, printed in sterling silver. This way everyone (even if you don't know 3D) can have their very own piece of jewellery.

Personally I am really excited because I think we're coming to a point where we can more easily bridge a lot of gaps... from Blender to non Blender users (even my mom can do this), to 3D print and actual physical objects. It's really neat to design something in Blender, and then hold it in your hands! In this case I can not only be an artist, but also a facilitator, and help people create their own works.

The code I used is based on my earlier Entoforms project and the Shipwright experiment. The site uses three.js as a base. And the models are exported from Blender 2.62 using a custom python script that creates json files (javascript). The sliders that are available for some parts are based on shape keys in Blender (called morph targets in three.js). It took me about a month to create the page/system.

Thanks everyone, and please let me know what you think!



  • Petr Utinek

    wow I have to show that page to my wife :) really quickly I created hammer blade cross .could be cool to make that smaller for earrings as well.She likes butterflies and fairy stuff :D

  • T.E. Mencer

    This is pretty slick! I can see people creating a lot of semi-custom pieces for friends and family and even loved ones.

  • Angelo Tartanian

    Very cool! Any chance you will share the export script?

    • Robis Seidran Koopmans

      i think the blender2json script is on the tree.js website or use obj2json

  • AN-ima--ticoide

    I can tell you this right now ! This is a great business idea ! Congratulations...BTW: Do not share your Script ! It is your business and that's your money ! Good Luck ( I am thinking in making my own animaticoide to hang on my Neck ! YEAH ! )

  • amcam

    Very nice.

  • jakchit

    great idea.

  • Robis Seidran Koopmans

    realy love it!! keep it open!

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