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Mini Giant

By Endre Barath.

Endre writes:

This is a test anim, using lowpoly game assets and a bad rigged giant character. :)

Render time: 30 secs per frame on a dual core 3GHz CPU!
It can run in the game engine, on 60fps, on my Gef430 (without DoF).

Created with Blender, rendered with the internal renderer.
Music by Kevin MacLeod.


  • Dusty

    Looks good in the image, but is this supposed to have a video link?

  • Spockless

    Where's the video? :)

  • lougne

    euh where's the link?

  • Bart Veldhuizen

    Whoops, wordpress ate my video link :)

    • Spockless

      thanks :)

  • roofoo

    Well that was freaky... :P

  • roofoo

    Endi, this would be so much better if you had used 3ds max.

    • 3Dfreak

      do you realize that this forum its called blendernation? I dont have anything against 3ds max though

      • troll

        do you realize this isn't even a forum here? :D

    • Bart Veldhuizen

      I think I miss the joke ;-)

      • roofoo

        On Blenderartists, Endi always trolls people and says that 3ds max is so much better than Blender. It's kind of his trademark. ;) And I can't believe I have to explain this to a longtime Blender user like you, Bart. lol

    • PxR

      your comment would be so much better if you had used your brain.

      • roofoo

        Oooh, burn. *rolleyes* I was being facetious.

    • Ted Nielsen

      Ha ha, this is where we tell the blenderartist veterans from the newbs (that is, you´ll only get that joke if you´ve been around for awhile):D

      • roofoo

        I'm glad at least SOMEBODY got it, lol. ;)

    • kn13htmare

      Mmmmh! Well for the uninitiated I suggest you check out this link How to Be a Positive Member of the Blender Community

    • amcam

      Isn't he just kidding ? Max has no GE.

    • Rogério Perdiz

      Still today I'm convinced Endi was always being ironic with those 3ds max comments...

      • roofoo

        Probably. You'd think after all this time he would have jumped ship a long time ago if he were serious.

        • Ben_Lind

          I think he just wants attention with those comments and wants to underline how awesome he is when he's the only one who can make something good with blender.

  • Stéphane

    Well, really nice for a ''just a raw render '' !!!!
    Nice job !!

  • Rogério Perdiz

    I love your render speed :) although you seem to have made most of the rendering "by hand" so that should have took you a significant amount of "render" time.

  • GPYRoader

    very nice. so... where can we download the game?:)
    PS: Character moves somehow stiff...

    • troll

      well he said it was a bad rig^^

  • MP

    yeah 3GHz cpu OCed to hyper realm.

  • abc123

    Video needs more features.

    • Bart Veldhuizen

      Comment needs more content.

      • Ben_Lind

        At least he can be sarcastic about himself as well which is a plus.

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