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Model: 1933 Ford Hot Rod

By Conner Addison.

Conner writes:

A slightly older model of a ’33 ford deuce hot rod, V8 exposed and everything. Modeled in Blender 2.55 but rendered in Cycles in 2.63.



  • Owolabi

    A polished one straight from the factory. Nice work

  • Stephane

    Really nice!

  • Kirill Poltavets

    Looks cool although I'm not sure about the roof's curvature (or the material... it can be cloth).
    Cheers anyway and respect for a good render&compo!

  • Tung

    Great job, on this piece, but maybe I'm not seeing the edge of the door, looks like the pipe wont allow the doors to open,

    • anima4ti9koi0de

      So are you going to drive it or what? This is an excellent model and very well rendered !

  • SebastianErler

    Great render. But i had the same thoughts that Tung had. One would not have constructed the exhaust that way if you can not open the door ;)

  • Mal Praktis

    Very nice modeling and render. It gives me the feel of a scale metal model for some reason. I would love to own the real thing.

  • Sketchfab

    You can find the interactive 3D model on Sketchfab:

  • Conner Addison

    I just found that this was up here! Thanks for the comments, this model is about 1 1/2- 2 years old now, I was only 14 when I made it originally. Hopefully that explains the faults in the topology and what not. Check out my YouTube page for videos of it and more!

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