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Cycles Girl

By Georg.

Georg writes:

This is a human portrait test in Cycles. The ears needs more work, I think. I hope to see hairs implemented in Cycles someday. Some of the hairs in her eyelids are curves converted to 3D meshes. Rendered, color-corrected, and com posited in Blender 2.63

It took about 30 min. with 110 passes in Cycles.

Here are some of the online tutorials that made a huge difference for this test: SSS in Cycles tutorial on and Kent Trammell's head modeling tutorial series on Blendercookie.

And here's a proof screenshot:



  • Ludovic_L

    Hello the render seems ok. But even if I'm no character artist, I think that the model could be better with some more work. Like you said the ear need more work, but more important, its misplaced. I think that the skin too could be improve with more details. Did you use a reference picture?

  • Saladino Lopes

    Until they do proper SSS on Cycles I'm sticking to Blender Internal.

    • George_Kim

      I noticed that Blendernerd's way of faking SSS has a distinct advantage of achieving scenes like the following:
      (Something you can never achieve through Blender Internal.)

      • Saladino Lopes

        Interesting. I saw an article on how they achieved SSS in Prometheus using something a similar technique.

        • Dewald

          You got the cat by the tail man. The skeleton was needed because the engineer disintegrates. I can't see how this method for sss could be used in a real production, it is super sloppy and not very accurate.

          Besides the Blendernerd's method there are currently two methods you can do sss.

          One is by using a translucent shader in conjunction with the ray length node although this is not entirely accurate.

          Two is with storms Volume patch which is still very experimental.

          Volume will be implemented very soon and a proper sss will be implemented soon after I assume.

  • Max Ritch

    link for sss in cycles needs fixing

    • Bart Veldhuizen


  • Brian Lockett

    Very nice.

  • PhysicsGuy

    I'm very impressed! There seems to be something slightly off about her skin in the final render. The skin in the backdrop of the compositor in the screenshot seems to look better. I can't quite put my finger on it, but she looks a bit to grey and translucent. Slightly Borg-ish so to speak.

    I really, really like the fabric of the veil!

    • ChadF

      You will be assimilated into Cycles.. resistance is futile!

  • roofoo

    30 minutes for 110 passes?! Dang your computer is old.

  • Richard

    He DID say that's a girl, right? Looks a bit like a dude....

  • jack

    no hair?????

  • Tim Elliot

    I like it... although those eyes slip down the uncanny valley.

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