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Dynamo: Webseries with Blender CG

Ian Hubert presents the first three episodes of his *other* movie project - Dynamo.

Ian writes:


Over the past several months we've been working on another episode for an online series called Dynamo - featuring quite a bit of Blender CG (though still composited in After Effects). The process has been fairly slow, due to other things goin' on, but now I'm super pleased to be able to put this out there! It's also my first time to ever really realize the potential of Blend Swap - super great site :).

Hope you enjoy!


So what is Dynamo?

It’s an experiment. It’s a story. It’s a series of shorts. It’s a sci-fi/fantasy/’cute cyberpunk’ webseries. It’s the result of four years of late night discussions between friends. It’s a convoluted puzzle about the nature of reality (and monsters!) It’s a narrative with layers of interlocking pieces. It’s the best thing we know how to make- and it’s pretty wacky!
So bear with us! It’ll all start to fit together soon

Episode 2

Episode 3


  • kidarcade

    Very cool,
    Nice work, how many people work on this.

    • Ian

      Hey thanks! How many? Eh, about as many as you see on screen. Though the vast majority of the postwork is just done by a few folks.

  • GraphiX

    I love it, but wasn't the first episode released a few months ago?

    • Lee Salvemini

      Yes but episode 3 was just released so now is the time to share all of them =)

  • T.E. Mencer

    These are actually quite good. I could see this being a regularly syndicated show ... very nice. And EP3 looks just down right impressive.

    • T.E. Mencer

      I also love the subtle humor - and even not so subtle. It's goofy sometimes, harmless slapstick ... you also do a great job being mysterious.

  • Micah Denn

    Tears Of Steel, Project London, is there an open movie or series that Ian doesn't direct ;)

  • Aniruddha Hardikar

    This is easily one of the best series I have seen so far.

  • Sendercorp

    I love this work . Lastly where I left was ....Ian and his lady (in the movie ), and the strange man were entering a huge control ZONE like place. It is so well done , all around . I would love to build SCIFI props ships preferably to the very cause . SO yes . Power to the series .

    We bring peace ,to the universe .

  • Dusty

    Saw the first one a few months ago and loved it! Going to watch the next two tonight when all the kids have settled!
    Thanks Ian and the gang!!

  • comeinandburn

    these are brilliant! I'm amazed at Ian's 3D / compositing skills everytime I watch these!

  • Jordan Harris

    Fantastic. Gotta love the style, the humor. I hope Tears of Steel is in this cute-cyberpunk genre. A lot of great ideas in the series so far.

  • Blender Luver

    Fucking stars. Marvelous Dynamo. Luv it!

  • stephen

    If this and sbfp are anything to go by, Tears of Steel is going to be top notch. Ian has a great style, quite similar to Joss Whedon I'd reckon, especially if episode 4 of Dynamo is a musical piece ;)

  • basse

    i have to watch these all later on today, now i just skimmed through the first one.. and have to say, it's VERY interesting visual style you have there.. it's not regular scifi, it's not cyberpunk, it's not steampunk, it's not really anything.. which means it may be something new. love that! congrats.
    (and ofcourse you have jazz so you win me over)


  • postrock

    I just want to know how does this guy (Ian i guess), achieve such visual realism with so little effort..TELL ME TELL ME TELL ME AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...

    K got myself back really tell me ;)

  • sendercorp

    dUDE I GOTTA say I loved it when that red sector BAR scene... when colors went up in spectrum, felt like busting into ,a fine darkroom setup .

  • DimitrisC

    Awesome job by Ian, again!I'd also like to see some short of making of.

  • James Barnette

    who is color grading a lot of it is so dark you can hardly tell what is going on. Is this the same person that will be grading the Mango project?

    • Ton Roosendaal

      He has a calibrated screen here now, we'll keep track of it :)

      • Ian


  • Beniamino

    Impressive work! I've been waiting for years for watching this! Thank you... There can be only IAN!

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