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Hair Factory v1.0

'Bake' particle hair into a low-poly hair model with the Hair Factory by MajorNightmare.

MajorNightmare writes:

Here’s an easy way convert Blender’s pretty particle hair into a Low Poly version Unity can use. The idea is to create an RGBA(w/alpha) TGA file that can be UV wrapped to a mesh object, and an FBX export to Unity. Essentially 3D to 2D hair.

There are enough tuts on FBX export to Unity, so google it.

2 example rigs. One method is a simple spine like rig that controls the entire mesh. The second example has a spine like rig for each mesh that makes up the entire head of hair for more control.

Using Unity’s image compression, you should be able to get the image fils size down to a couple of Kb.

Stop Low Poly Character Baldness Today!




  • abhifx

    Ha ha ha. Stop Low Poly Character Baldness Today!

    Anyway... this is an excellent project.... should help lots more project (hint MakeHuman)
    So thanks. Have to dig into it this weekend.

  • Christos Georgakas

    Blender just has the most genius people around it! what a good idea and i just love a good nerdy joke :)

  • wyslin

    Extra cool!!!!!

    Now we missing only hair farm like features:
    Hope someone will bring it to blender soon.

    • guest

      That is totally EPIC, it is like Hair Factory in reverse, but much more useful for use who don't make (or play) games.

  • dlax

    Really great! I can't wait to give this a try.

  • Dewald

    I know this is meant for low poly real time 3D but, I am going to give it a shot with cycles since cycles does not support hair yet.

    • Daniel

      Convert your hair from curves to edges, then extrude them all across a tiny bit and you'll have hair in Cycles.

      • Dewald

        This results in way too complex geometry.

  •éla-Szabó/100000198577059 Béla Szabó

    This stuff is brilliant!!

  • bettflasche

    What a great project! Blender community is the best!

  • Severin

    Anyone to make use of it in the Blender GameEngine?

    • guest

      Yeah, it seems like most people who make games with Blender export the stuff to unity (maybe following the lead of CG Cookie)

      Kinda sad...

      • Caleb Jones

        I don't like the BGE because it's so hard to get at mouse motion.

  • IceTF

    Woh, this looks really cool!
    Thanks for the submission, Bart.

  • pete

    This is awesome love it!.

  • Hikaru Ai

    :O Amazing

  • Brian Lockett

    This game developer who uses Unity sincerely thanks you.

  • Fred


  • Majornightmare

    Very cool, love it when it's loved. Share some output results if you can.

  • Monster

    This can become handy for the BGE as well.
    Thanks for all the hard work.

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