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'Sculpey Dance' - Tracked with Blender

Blender is earning a place in people's workflows. Lucas Marquez uses Blender's tracker in this funny short production.


  • Max Puliero

    eheheh so funny :D

    • electronicpulse


  • alwadhani

    loved it, very nice and i like how its all related to the music and the sculptring. i just hop if it was all made in blender (rigging too) i think blender can handel that too ;)
    well done

    • totoche

      from what we can see on the video, I don't think the rigging was done in Blender, cause the GUI is different between the rigging bit and the tracking bit. But to me it's ok, cause it means he made the rig and then CHOSE to use Blender for the tracking.

      • snot nose

        Yeah, it's maya. I would also like to see this kind of stuff completely done in Blender. but anyway it's their choice and still looks awesome.

        • electronicpulse

          yeah it is maya, but lucas doesn't know blender so we try to mix it up i used blender for tracking and then exported an Fbx to maya, he already had the rigging an animation done when we decided to put the character in an actual environment... i believe we can do entire projects in blender i just need my coleagues to get into blender =)

          • alwadhani

            it's ok, but what did use for sculpting and compsting? also in the music did he say "Weid Brownie??!! lol"
            and again WELL DONE

          • alwadhani

            that's ok, also what did u use for scuplting and composting? and in the music did he say "Weid Brownie??!!" lol
            on last thing again WELLDONE

          • electronicpulse

            we used mudbox for sculpting, and AE for compositing, blender is great we exported directly a jsx from blender to AE so there i put the logo in the table with the tracking done in blender :D... the music says "bangarang" ... great skrillex song!

      • alwadhani

        yes i know they used maya for rigging, but i just thought it would be nice IF they used blender only for every thing. it can be done;)

        • Looch Muñoz Sessarego

          it would be... i'm trying to have my coleagues learn blender at the studio, but we'll get there, for now i'll just keep on doing whatever i can in blender... i'm not really much of a rigger... yet.

          • Dennis F.

            Very good :) ... tell me ... how to rig and how to take a recorded REALDANCE to a rig.
            Luv it!

  • krusty42

    Pretty good animation I´d have to say! Well done.

  • sender

    lovely ... well done .

  • George_Kim

    That's so---- cute! A clay toy given life ... nice idea for an animation series. :)

  • axelx19

    looks like
    mr hankey the christmas poo

  • ygarin

    Great job! Don't forget to thank Skrillex too ;)

  • electronicpulse

    thanks guys, we're called "estudio pintamonos", you can check some more of our work here

  • Asedefecio

    Dude, you're chilean?
    Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeena ctm
    Que gracia ver un poco de talento local por estos lugares

  • 123bernardo

    wow, lovin' it, great work :0)

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