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MakeHuman Update

It's time for some updates on the awesome MakeHuman project!


First of all apart from general cloth library you can now group them to make costumes. It is now possible to group clothes together into costumes that are loaded with a single click.

MakeTarget Standalone

A standalone target management (morph targets) gui called MakeTargets is now available for Windows and Linux (OSX coming soon). You can use it to create morph libraries for MakeHuman.


The team has worked on a fix for a problem with the Blender shape keys.

Get involved!

The MakeHuman project could use your help with documentation, site development, arts, code development etc. You can now register and help maintain the project.


  • Jordi957

    I've been waiting for something like this for forever. I'm hoping this will be useful for a lot of others, and that it will be developed even more in the future.

    • abhifx

      Hi! Of course we are frantically trying to develop MakeHuman out of alpha state. We now also have other infrastructure like proper drupal based website, active irc channel, documents etc. But we need community help as there is lots to do.
      we also have few surprises planned up our sleeves in coming days. :)

  • Linil

    Good to see Makehuman is developing a lot.

  • chromemonkey

    Next summer of code after this one, I predict someone will work on a "makehuman" modifier for Blender. Spotlight halos still won't reflect in mirrors though. :-)

    • abhifx

      :D why wait next summer when you can use mh with blender right now. We have a dedicated plugin. By the next gsoc we are hoping for better integration with blender

  • blendhead

    Ecellent! I used MH in the past and just love it.

  • ja the freeze

    What is the link with blender and makehuman? I am curious

    • dustice

      There is no direct link between them. MakeHuman is a standalone application that is able to export a special file format to Blender (.mhx). This means you can create humans really easily in MH by just using sliders, then export your model using mhx and when you import the model into a blend file it will have very clean usable geometry, non-overlapping UV's, and already be rigged with rigify! That's the just of the connection between the two projects, there is no direct business relation (in the form of sponsorship, internal development or other), they work as separate entities. Which in my opinion makes MH even more awesome, cause they do it all themselves :)

      • Sleeper

        I could be wrong but I believe Make Human started off as a script (set of scripts) for Blender before being rewritten as stand alone software. The old stuff is still haniging around on the Projects.Blender.Org site.

        • abhifx

          And you are correct:)

    • blendhead

      You make your human character in MH and then export them to blender with the help of an add-on.

  • bboyclike

    YESSSS!!!!! been waitin for this type of update to make-human for a long time!

  • Brian Lockett

    I was beginning to wonder if there was still new development being done on the project. Dude, I'd love to help, but I'm so swamped between my game and my own software project right now.

  • Francisco Nqatsi

    I wish they update their python dependencies, because I can't get MakeHuman to work on the latest version of Ubuntu... :/

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