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Tracker Assisted Masking in Blender 2.63

Michalis Gkiokas is back with a videotutorial on the brand spanking new masking feature.

Michalis writes:

Hello Again My Friends and welcome to another video tutorial. Today is a great day for me and this is because i am having my cursor on the BRAND NEW tracker assisted masking addition of Blender 2.6.8.

Note: this is not in the 2.63 release yet, so remember that you need to download a build from Graphicall. Like this one.


  • Pocax


  • Nixon

    This is a great new feature:)

    Thanks for this cool introduction/ tutorial, its really easy to follow and fun to watch!!!

    Great vid!

  • John

    Automatic deformation of the curve based on optical flow in the video would be a great addition- it would reduce A TON of that manual tweaking.

    • Daniel

      Just enjoy the reduction of manual work by 10000%.

  • xboong

    thank you for this tutorial! Now we can masking without after effects!

    • Michalis Giokas


      • Lendelfajardo

        Its great that there are lots of tracking tutorials for blender, Because a few months ago, I have a hard time finding tracking tutorials. Great Video, Very easy to follow. Are you using blender for animation? Are you gonna make tutorials for the game engine too? Blender Games for android?

        • Michalis Giokas

           I use blender for almost anything. Too bad i have almost never used the game engine :( i was too busy on other things such as modelling,texturing and compositing. :(

  • Kocer Tiltay

    Great job Michalis! Go on

    • Michalis Giokas

       Thank you Kocer my friend!

  • Jalik

    I didn't know this feature was included, really useful ! Thank you Michalis Gkiokas.

  • Sebastian Fröhlich

    couldnt i use a tracking point for each point of my mask together with hoaxes to autotransform?

    • Tropinin

      You can do it:

      • Sebastian Fröhlich

         thx - this would be very helpfull :)

  • Giorgio Martini

    this would be  a cool feature : 

    • Aldi

      +1 to that

  • Fernan Jiménez Lara

    Not bad

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