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DVD: Venoms Lab! 2

Pablo Vazquez is currently developing a new training DVD for the Blender Foundation, focusing on character development. If you pre-order before June 15th you'll get a 10% discount.

Pablo writes:

3 years have passed since the previous Venom's Lab!, a lot changed, Blender went from the old interface on 2.49 to a shiny feature-full 2.63.

This DVD is focused on creating a character from scratch, although some features from the previous DVD will be used, Blender has renewed its mesh system completely so we'll take advantage of that and re-visit all these techniques, the Hair & Fur system, new UV tools, new shortcuts, new interface, and much more. Below you can find a list of the topics to cover.

Goal is: "Next time you want to create a character, you know exactly what it takes to make it!"



  • kABHIr

    I bought venom's lab - I and i am gonna get this as well.

    Thanks Pablo!

    • kABHIr


  • nieghel

    THIS IS AWSOME!!! Hey Pablo! Why don't you make "cartoons" like this with blender? That would be lovely, and a lot enjoyable than big buck bunny! :)

    • Pablo Vazquez

      Like a series? Would love to someday!

      Or at least one short movie, and crowd-fund it with pre-sales, sponsors, gifts and more tutorials!


    That is so very pretty , I wish he had ( all apologies dunno his name ) a plup bump on his head after that rock hit :)

  • lolko7

    Pablo You are like Pixar in Blender World :)
    Great Job

  • DimitrisC

    Great stuff! Awesome trailer!!!

  • abdu anonim

    very interesting , but where can i get the first DVD..?

    • Pablo Vazquez

      Hello!, sadly (or happy actually?) the first DVD sold out!

      In my YouTube channel I have a playlist with some videos from the first Venom's Lab!, will keep uploading the other ones when I have the time.

      Although the first DVD was using Blender 2.49b, many of the techniques and principles are applicable to nowadays Blender.

      Cheers and thanks for passing by!

  • Oscurart

    Grande!, muy buen trabajo se ve!
    Como pasó el tiempo no?

  • Pablo Vazquez

    Thank you everyone! I'm glad you like it so far, still lots to go, but will do my best!, always wanted to do a Character DVD.

    Some people don't have clear that this DVD is bilingual, audio is in both English *and* Spanish (2 tracks video), so let me put that clear in native language: 

    Este DVD contiene audio en español, además del audio en inglés, son videos con doble pista de audio que se puede cambiar de idioma en cualquier momento.

    Cheers and thanks again community and BlenderNation! :D

  • Dewald

    Absolutely brilliant. Love the character style and the animation is excellent. Can't wait for this one.

  • KDM

    Quick silly question, after purchase is there a download link to download the dvd directly to your pc, or is it shipped? Cause I prefer just getting a link to download it directly????? 

    • Pablo Vazquez

      Hi KDM, the Blender e-shop ships actual DVDs, they have a new carrier now that is way better than the previous one, and shipping 3 times a week. 

      Having an actual DVD in your bookcase will look nice! :) But yeah I agree is not a very green solution..

      We're thinking about making an .iso available for those who really want it, will talk with Ton about it.

      No question is silly, feel free to ask everything! :)

      • KDM

        Thank you for responding. An iso version would be really nice. Where I live, I would have to pay a fee (almost = to the cost of the purchase) just to get it from where I would have it shipped. If it could have been delivered right into my mail box, that would be awesome, but nooo... that's won't ever happen -_-'

        Please consider an iso version. But then I worry about such things, with all this illegal downloading going on. :/

        • Pablo Vazquez

          If you get an iso version. is not illegal at all to share it or put it online, is Creative Commons.

          The only harm it does is that the Blender Foundation doesn't get much profits from that, and thus Blender paid developers and website costs and e-shop and open projects and so on.. 

          I love to share and encourage others to do it, but perhaps if you can't afford it right now, you could consider instead of buying the DVD for 27 euros, donate the Foundation whatever you can, can be 1 or 10 or 20 euro, whatever, is all about helping each other.

          • KDM

            Oh no, I would love to buy it, it's a great investment. Money is not an issue lol. The issue I have is with the shipping. I usually purchase my stuff online, then download what i pay for directly, instead of having to wait for it to be delivered. So the money is here, lol just wish I could download the DVD, instead of having it shipped.

          • Pablo Vazquez

            Great! I will talk with Ton about it :)

          • KDM

            YES! I mean.. ok xD

  • Fonzeh

    Hey Pablo. I love the character. There are subtitles too? I prefer because my english is not so good.

    • Pablo Vazquez

      Hello Fonzeh!,

      Thanks for writing, I tried doing subtitles on the previous DVD but is really a lot more work, perhaps once the DVD is out I could find some time for it, or can organize something for the community to help.

      But anyways, don't worry about your english, I'm not a native english-speaker, I use basic english. So from the 200,000 words in the english language, perhaps I use only 100 or 200 or so :) 

      I'd say wait for me to post a little sample tutorial then you can see if you understand well enough.


      • Blenderfanaticogmail Com

        Muchas gracias Pablo, Espero aprender mucho, hay posibilidad que pueda comprar la descarga o
        Streaming, Espero sea posible, un abrazo desde Panama

  • Liquid Orange

    Hey Pablo how do you get your inspiration for you characters? Everyone is looking such great (Especially Durano). You're really the Blender Pixar Man :)

    • Pablo Vazquez

      Thank you!

      Durano came while making the first Venom's Lab!, I was recording a little timelapse for the Modeling chapter, but forgot I was recording and kept modeling for fun, when I realize I already had the head and turns out what I was making I already had it drawn a few days ago. So I was lucky!

      For this character in Venom's Lab! 2, he is a little "guanaco" (like a llama or alpaca), a pretty common animal you see all the time in southern Patagonia (southernmost region in the Americas), I always wanted to do "local" animals, this is the first time I do and is quite fun I must say, because you rarely see something native in 3D, and I can get real references right away in the few months that I spend at home every year (I have the luck of travel a lot thanks to Blender artwork and teaching).

  • erick parra

    Congratulations Pablo !!, I can´t wait to have the DVD on my hands. Specially because in Chile the guanaco is a famous and protected animal too.


    • Pablo Vazquez

      Thanks Erick!, yeah is crowded of guanacos in Patagonia specially, I've seen them a lot in the XII region (beautiful btw) :)

  • KDM

    I'm dying from anxiety 

    • roofoo

       Anxiety? Or anticipation? :P

      • KDM

         Both :D

  • Alem

    Are the cd's shipping on the 15th? or is it going to take longer? bought mine already, can't wait!

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