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  • Brian Lockett



    Thanks to all who put their time into !

  • Etterkommer Av Jarlen

    Finally, that BMesh problem solved!

  • Willem Teeuwen

    What happened to the lighting in cycles? Everything now turns bright white no matter how low I set the emission strength!

    • Reaction

      Seems OK to me. Changing World strength (I'm using an HDR environment texture) correctly changes lighting level. Adjusting emission planes' strength also correctly adjusts lighting level.

  • 4museman


    BMesh is such pleasure to work with! I mean, it has still much room for improvements, but compare to our old EditMesh it's like a rocket instead of aeroplane. For example operations on mesh like "Dissolve" are able to preserve UVs in all layers!!! That made my work on LODs SOOOO faster, that I can do my work in less than half time.

    And ability to save old EditMesh version of the file is also very welcome, so we can use our old scripts for Blender 2.49 if there is a need (and there is, in my case).

    HUGE THANKS goes to all developers!

    • chromemonkey

      Have they fixed the tesellation thing that was bugging that one guy yet?

      • 4museman

        Dunno what you mean. The only issue I've came across in modelling tools is that knife behave weirdly sometimes and make cuts shifted to various sides.

  • Marvinevins

    how do you download the update? Link takes me to a release log page. Where is the update

    • 4museman

  • Diego

    Where can i choose the render perfomance for cylcles? I mean CPU or GPU?!?!

    • 4museman

      Look in User Preferences - tab System, left-down. ;)

      • Diego

         Thank you

  • Reaction

    Cycles has gone wrong!  Renders in 2.63a show white 'snow' specks, whereas 2.62 did not have this problem (just tested to make sure).

    • Kirill Poltavets

      test with different mats and different values of lights (if it's too high that can cause fireflies with glossy mats). Also "Clamp" can help to remove it.

      • Reaction

        Thanks Kirill. A little bit of Clamp (whatever it does!) cured the fireflies.

  • Kirill Poltavets

    I'm glad about Knife tool fixes! :) Not glad about that choice about "last folder". I'm still thinking that it's better to have some preference or let it be the last used folder. Another thing from that problems - if you decide to choose another texture (instead of some previous) - you'll not be in that old texture's folder. It's not good if you're looking for it before change. Or textures may be in the same folder and you're constantly looking for that path in favorites. It's not a big deal... more about polishing of course.

    One boring bug I found (but I can't describe it yet) is that Cycles works better on r46172 than on r46534. Now I have some WIP with pretty heavy scenes... so GPU rendering works on 46172 and not works on 46534 (it gives that problem with cuda mem... something... don't remember... it's about watch dog timer as I know). So... something were made worse for GPU memory management probably.

  • Pietro Grandi

    Thank you guys!!!

  • Matwesson

     i got a problem with blender 2.63 the text in the program like file and axis letters are not shown they blink till you click on any thing then its not shown at all is there a fix

    • 4museman

      Hard to identify the problem from your description. I don't see any display problem on my system. It may come from your system. Check if you have up-to-date drivers for your videocard, for example. ;)

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