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By Linolafett.

Linolafett writes:

....her home was devasted long time ago and the last parts of nature she saw were just rotten trees..... after a long journey she found the paradise, she only knows from narrations. Her home was devasted long time ago and the last parts of nature she saw were just rotten trees.

Blender 2.62 cycles render (50 samples 45min [5,7k ]) postpro and textures done with gimp.



  • ramaswamy viswanathan

     This is really awesome output. I liked your compositing very much. Good effort... Good Luck !!!!

  • Davis Sorenson

    ...I thought this article was going to be about The GIMP 2.8. :P

    • Dusty

      ha ha ha, a very apt title for such an article :)

  • krusty42

    Nice, it has a little bit of GTA-4 video game feel over it, maybe Tomb Raider - The final Journey or something...

    • Credibilita

      Are videogames your only artistic influence?

      • krusty42

         Yes, I've been playing videogames for over 30 years, I´m a product of my surroundings, I sh*t,eat,live,dream,consume,swim,breathe videogames! In fact, I think I am in one right now, can you prove that we´re not in one right now, can you? *puts tinfoil hat on*

        • Hiding in plane sight

           I hope you realize "Tinfoil Hat" is only Social Armor.

      • Julian

        It's kind of sad that you obviously underrate videogames in their ability to be a valuable "artistic" influence.
        A lot of artists and overall developers put an incredible amount of work into a videogame. It's not just about the fun, but about the impression and the experience. In a way, they can be more valuable and powerful, concerning how influental they are on the player, than a movie or a picture or a text can ever be.

        • Jordi957

          Amen to that. I appreciate people like you; so few people give credit to game designers. It gets very tiresome sometimes to always have people looking down their noses at you.

        • Nolan Tyrrell

           I like Krusty's reply more than yours Julian. At least it was tongue in cheek. Credibilita asked if games were the 'only influence'. A valid question, which Krusty ducked by insisting that gaming was indeed his only influence, (obviously not true - but funny). Your own response was to take Krusty's reply as true and earnest. A better one would be to indicate where you have seen a better rendition of a sunset, flower, fight... whatever, in a game rather than in reality and why it was better.


          • Julian

            Don't get me wrong, reality can be inspiring, but I'm pretty certain that reality won't be able to give you the experience of riding a futuristic racecar through the city at 1000mph like in e.g. F-Zero or WipEout. It's not about what you see and that you necessarily want to recreate the exact same scene you're seeing on-screen, but about the things you feel while playing a game (and, what I would refer to as "inspiration") - things, reality can't deliver. Of course, games are (and should be) just an addition to other "sources" of inspiration. I only assumed that Credibilita doesn't take videogames "serious", so I might be wrong by saying that he or she doesn't, but I guess that's something only he/she can answer to (it's kind of difficult to crop something out of just one sentence, you know).

    • Cubatown

      I agree!! I actually thought it looked like a scene from BattleField: Bad Company 2. Very cool 

  • Sleepwalker

    For a moment there I thought it was a screen grab from the Mango project.

    • Alwadhani

      wow same here, when i read Finally i thought its the first scene render :(, i must say this look fantastic well done :)

  • AtWork

    Superb. It would be wonderful to see this available as a desktop wallpaper over on InterfaceLift :-)

  • Skupper

    The background buildings are fantastic!

    I'm constantly impressed with the number of Blender users there are out there that can put together a scene that is atmospherically gorgeous. Would love to know if they are painters and/are photographers as well.

  • Dirk Moser

    I like the atmosphere and lightning. Great work Lino !

  • humpdhump

    Gives me a Half Life 2 feeling. Very nice.

  • Caleb Jones

    It's very beautiful. 
    I am, however, somewhat disappointed by the person. It doesn't quite live up to the high standard of the rest of the piece.

  • mikebelanger

    Nice!  Agreed with humpdhump - definitely a half-life 2 feel to it.  I think if the evening light was a little less harsh, it would bring out the character and sheep dog more.

  • vidjo

    This totally reminds me of the game Fez.

  • Guest

    It's very cool!

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