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Tube Reaches $22,000 Within 5 Days

The Tube Open Movie Kickstarter reached the goal of $22,000 in an amazing five days!

Tube writes:

At officially 1:27pm EST today, we heard the BOOM that pushed us over the threshold to achieve real funding. Since pledges are not guaranteed until the target is met, it feels in a way like this is the real beginning. Looking back over the slog of reaching the production mid-point by keeping a low overhead, trading lots of favors and putting anything earned back into Tube, I can only say what a fine day indeed! Mega-thanks to our earliest supporters for their solidarity and incredible backing.

This doesn't mean the kickstarter is done though - with additional funds, Tube plans to extend the project:

Tube is designed to scale with the resources we have. You can see from the project video that we are hard at work making the movie, in tandem with running its campaign -- and we want the result to be amazing. Crucially, further funds will allow us to focus on Tube without interruption, give commissions to our valiant crew and make new hires.



  • MacroManJr


  • Amrid

    I'm glad
    for you guys and for all of us! I hope you will make it breathtaking :)


    And in the
    meantime, message to the community:

    Yafaray project
    also needs funds. They are hoping only for 2000$

    so it’s
    even less than 10% of what we got for the TUBE.


    I’m not
    part of the yafaray team but I use this raytracer since many years,

    and I think we all own them something, and we
    all have seen that they are able to do really great piece of software ;) So
    everybody who has a spare dollar please donate  :)

    • Kirill Poltavets

      So maybe here can be a way that a group of users will start a film project and will earn enough for production. Obviously this will include Yafaray funding. I'm not sure it's prohibited but at least it will be proved that it's necessary for production.
      I mean this will be NOT only for Yafaray or you'll get nothing (it's impossible to get a lot of donations on kickstarter unless you have a really great and formulated ideas, a plan, demos and etc.)

    • Bart Veldhuizen

      Thanks, I'll cover it later this week. By the way, on the donations page they mention a goal of €4000, about $5200.

      • Amrid

         yes, but they need at least $2000 for Code Sprint 2012 which is the main goal at the moment I think

        • Bart Veldhuizen

          Where do you read that?

          • Amrid

            Maybe I don't understand it correctly,  english is not ma native language :) ,

            but it stands there:


             "The budget for the code sprint is aproximately €4000... Our target is to raise at least one half from donations and sales of
            educative items. The other half will come from our reserves.."

  • David

    That's great news. 
    Maybe a promising route to fund some parts of Blender's development.

    • Bart Veldhuizen

      I think the best way to support Blender development is the Blender Development Fund:

      • IamInnocent

         I wish that the money would be transfered only on completion of certain goals though. I personally don't mind loosing a little on a bet taken on people but I know that failing to deliver hurts the BDF.

        • Bart Veldhuizen

          Ton decides who gets funded, and I'm sure he only funds people that he has faith in. That doesn't mean you get a 100% guarantee, of course, but I'd say it's pretty close to it.

  • Mookie

    Amrid - my first thought too. 

  • Gen X

    I made my donation :D

  • Willy Nsangou

    It's 25k $ now and me, and me, and me ^^

  • TheOz91

    I'm really happy for them! By the way, I pledged $1.25! 

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