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  • Liam Walls-Ott

    well. This is the most realistic Thing I have ever seen made in blender. Excellent work!

  • Svn_depoorter

    Very nice! :o

  • Blender Magician

    whoa, that is amazing!

  • Ingenuo Michele


  • Rob Cozzens

    Wow! Even after realizing it's a render, I can't see anything CG about it... maybe if the image was bigger I could see faults. But maybe not--maybe it's perfect!

  • root

    Молодец, Кузнец!

  • Lockal

    Wow, winter in the viewport becomes spring after rendering:)! Very nice work!

  • thehumbug

    Was this a projection mapped image?

    • ???????? ????????


      • thehumbug


  • Paul Murphy

    At my first glance i honestly thought the blender image might be near the bottom of the page or something, i seriously for a split second thought it was real. Great work!

  • Ryanjohnsond


  • Guest

    This image is just photorealistic! :)
    How long did you work on this project?

  • Tonilluch

    Amazing job congratulations.

  • Comeinandburn

    I agree it would be great to see it at a higher resolution.. right now it's almost a thumbnail.  It's pretty hard to see any details.

  • Kota Weaver

    If you follow the link to the forums, you can see a higher resolution version:

    Oh, and yeah, the image is amazing!

    • Kirill Poltavets

      This is linked to non-displaying image.

  • David Sousa

    I.. amm.. wow.. wait, what?.. jesus, but.. isn't that a real picture!?

    Best render I have ever seen :|

  • Kirill Poltavets

    Nice photo! ;)))

  • Chuckie

    WOW! Everything in that picture is perfect! I have a hard time believing thats a render not a photo!

  • Jakchit

    holy macaroni. is this cycles?

  • Oktaedon

     I came to this page while serching for a side with good referenz pfotos. first thing i thought was wat a boring shot.
    crasy stuff man. : )

  • Daniele De Luca

    OMG my mouth is still open!

  • Odmenestrator

    Okay, now in English. 
    Good job, comrad. BlenderUcraine with you :)

  • Rogério Perdiz

    Now that is something cool :) 

  • Lace

    Wow. WELL done. That's jaw dropping material, right there.

  • agus

    If you would not show me the wire frame i could not believe it was a 3D model.
    -super B-

  • George_Kim

    Excellent texture work, Dinar. :)  Will the scene show a correct caustic effect at the water when animated?

  • Jaidyp27

    WOW! I literally thought that the top image was a photograph that was used as a reference image. This is simply awe inspiringly magical. It just goes to show the amazing power that blender possesses. 

  • Xero Wolf

    No! I don't believe it! The Matrix has me!

  • Hululooh


  • Oskar

    What a great work, congratulations!!! When I first saw it I thought someone took a picture. You should teach gurus on how to make nature scenes! :)

  • const

    How much do I have to pay to learn how to make this? I can't afford nature academy because I am a hobbyist 3D artist.

  • Zander Nicolic

    Awesome! The best nature scene I've seen till now made with Blender (and not only).

  • Gizmo Beardon

    Great work !

  • ChingisJumaliev
  • Karlrune

    Really nice rendering! Maybe the darkened trees on the right bends a bit weird, especially the left one. Also somehow the foreground looks photorealistic and the background looks more painted.

  • Dewald

    Very convincing. Excellent render!

  • Bartol

    Excellent work!  If you don't mind a few gentle suggestions I noticed two details that could be improved in my opinion:
    1) It is not hard to detect that many of the birch trees are using the same texture.  Just as in "The Matrix", this gives away that the image is virtual reality.  Ideally you'd want a unique texture for each tree.  I think a procedural texture for "birch bark" would be difficult to create so this leaves photographic texture sampling.
    2) To me, the image has an overall feel of being slightly over exposed and low contrast as viewed on my color-corrected monitor.  

  • Philippe ROUBAL

    Great image ! Congratulations.

  • Brian Lockett

    When I first saw this at quick glance, I was like, "Why is BlenderNation posting up photography now?"  Even when looking at it closely, I can barely tell it's a rendering. If this wasn't BlenderNation, and that was posted at that reduced size, I would've gone on thinking it was a photo! Good job, man!

  • Jonathan Esquivel

    Impressive! I haven't seen something so realistic here, Awesome work!

  • Dinar

    Спасибо всем ребята ! Я и не знал, что работа выложена здесь...

  • Dinar

    Thank you all for your comments ...!

  • AcAnimate

    Can't we get a download link for a full size image :D ?

  • Dinar

    it is full size at this link thead 
    Size is no longer rendered the Susles not understand my reasons ... Canpooprobovat later ..

  • Dinar

    What size is needed?

  • se

    too much repeating pattern on the trees

    • Dinar

      Yeah, I agree with you, birches in the background have the same texture -)

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