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Model: Space Suit

By Gamera.

Gamera writes:

Modeled for personal entertainment a fictional “space suit” Made in Blender 2.5. The model has only one distribution of the material without texture and has a very dense mesh. Have fun!



  • Michael Dawkins

    Oh my god....
    I am stunned!
    So is my pc, running at 1 fps in edit mode with an ATI 4850 xD

  • Rgrhg


    looks like a cross between Samus and a marine from Starcraft.

  • Gikkio

    Grande Beppe! ;) 

  • Bugsbane

    More like a cross between Samus and Samus (with a dash of Samus on the side). Still, looks fab!

  • Skent

    Not a bad effort (for a giant turtle).

  • Max Puliero

    wooooow !

    thankyou mate!

  • Gamera

    thank guys!!

  • mzungu

    Puff sleeves! (Anne of Green Gables would be so proud!)

    Seriously, tho, nice work, yo...

  • Dewald

    Very Nice

  • Kirill Poltavets

    Wow, awesome! It's stunning! Reminds me some suits from Gundam.

  • Brunobigboss

    You get to have a really good soul to give this one for free!

  • baterism

    amazing! the male version of Samus!

    Great model, and thanks for sharing!

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