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Reminder: Google Summer of Code 2012

Ton Roosendaal sent in the following reminder:

If you like to have a cool and well paid summer coding job on VFX, simulation, games, animation or 3D rendering, apply now!

Only two days left to submit! Friday at 1900 UTC (= London time) the submissions from students have to be completed.


  • Brahim

    I'm not that good... yet

    Next year most def... blender FTW

  • Drxms

    I would if i could. 

  • Jurel

    I would if i knew more coding. I hope someday I will!

  • Hululooh

    Wow I didn't know that you get a compensation of $5000 from Google for your work. 

  • Brian Lockett

    If I weren't busy developing a game, I would so do this.

  • Dano

    I'm taking some programming classes so I can do this someday. Blender rocks!

  • Mohammad ali

    – very ambitious and exciting! Can’t wait to see this starting to take
    shape. Got to the end and found myself saying, “Awe, I want to know what
    happens next!” :)

    Little confused about what is going on in places – initial set-up, what
    people are saying, etc. Are you going to release the dialogue/script for
    these storyboards as well?

    Only real criticism I can give (and it may seem silly) is to remove the
    word “awesome” from appearing anywhere – it’s a word that gets way
    overused, is pure exaggeration and grinds somewhat. Usually a good
    indicator to dip into the thesaurus and/or rework the dialogue. And no,
    don’t replace it with “awesomer”!! :DAllow phonetic typing
    Oh I wish my company. But still do not have enough experience.

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