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Freestyle integration update

Maxime Curioni and Tamito Kajiyama give an extensive update on the integration of the non-photorealistic renderer Freestyle in Blender.

From the Freestyle integration blog:

The Blender Freestyle branch spent a few months of relatively less development activities due to limited time resources. Here is a short summary of new features and bug fixes since the last blog update.

Changes include:

  • New features and changes in the Parameter Editor mode
  • Fix for degenerate triangles in imported mesh data
  • A list of bug fixes and miscellaneous improvements



  • mallow

    Looks great. This rendered can give great effects as seen on "Development update" link at the "Freestyle artwork" section.

  • Dusty

    love it! Thank you for all the hard work!

  • Jamie Rhodes

    I love free style. thinks guys

  • Radu Coc

    Nice work but waiting for ages to see FreeStyle in Blender trunk. know somebody an ETA for trunk integration of FreeStyle?

    • DimitrisC

      I'd also like to know that.
      Great job so far btw!

  • Chris Wilmer

    Any likelihood of intersecting geometries (i.e., edge detection) being handled correctly in the future of Freestyle?

  • Karlis Stigis

    Last time I used it I was disappointed about how it handels lines in animation. They were flickering and strobing from frame to frame.. not smooth at all. I hope something has been done about it. Had to do it in Maya afterall.. client almost droped the project.

  • Blub


  • Alejandro

    yeees looks great, blender n1

  • ikeahloe


  • robbhimself

    every time i try to install freestyle it never works. win7 and ubuntu both produce different errors.

    i'd love to use it, it looks amazing.

  • Keen Foong

    yeah i'm curious when freestyle is going to merged into trunk?

  • Pandu Aji Wirawan

    I really want it! it's looks GREAT

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