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  • Chuckie

     Really Cool! Looks like there was some sort of soft body simulation in there. I especially liked the last one, where the car gets chopped up by the fan.

    • Ted

       But will it blend?

      • Alejandro AR

        that is the question..

      • 8-bit

        Blended nicely IMO :)

  • Jarred

    Destruction derby here we come. love the fan demonstration!

  • T.E. Mencer

    Regardless of the application - I love a good destructive sequence. Nicely done.

    • Drxms

      Then you should try the explode modifier really fun to play with. Add som smoke for even more fun. 

  • Lyly767

    Nice watching it. I liked the last three. The first ones look too jelly. Also the parts are to thin, may be a solidify ( modifier ) would have help. The one with the vent looks good however one of the doors crossing the mesh make it look weird. The last ring also goes down too slow. Great Work, it takes time and brain to make such simulation.

    • Beauregard Heimer

      I agree with all those points, and it just didn't seem to break up naturally.
      It was still good, I would like to know what he did to set up the simulation.

  • Keen Foong

    they all look like rubber to me... I think rigid bodies should be implemented in the normal blender instead of changing into the game engine and doing it.

    • Karlis Stigis

      I agree!

    • Beauregard Heimer

      Yes! I have tried the bullet branch, but it didn't work for me at all.

  • Karlis Stigis

    Doesn't look precise enough for me... This does not look real. 

  • Paul Bostrom

    I like it except that the individual parts remain intact. They don't bend break or smash at all. 

  • Thomas Parel

    Cmon guys some basic research on crush behavior would be in order
    Those cars are all ridiculously flimsy..

    • LswaN

      Okay, well, that wasn't a very good example, considering how slowly it was being crushed. I do agree that the vehicles did fly apart a bit too easily, though. Still, very nicely done simulations, I'm sure it took a lot of work to get them set up.

      • Thomas Parel

        But it is the same kind of crushing action demonstrated so you can see how the metal should crumple, not pop off.Either way it is an interesting exercise.

    • Karlis Stigis

      I totally agree. Of course it's good that someone is working on demolition possibilities, but we can't always just be happy about everything. Do it better, go further!

      • Kirill Poltavets

        I remember 1st Kai's Demolition researches (I didn't tried to use it - too slow). That was closer to reality then these rubber like cars. Really strange :(
        IMHO the proper research on bending and breaking physics will give more. It's very complex, I know but it's better to do less but closer to reality.
        Anyway - you'll never do mistakes if you will not be trying to do something.

  • Nathan Carl Lewis

    lol geo metro. I had one of those. Its the north american remodel of the Suzuki swift for years 96 and above. I currently own a 87 Chevy Sprint Turbo. Its a Mk1 Suzuki Swift GTi, essentually but with the a fuel injected version of the rare 1.0l turbo 3 cylinder motor in japan. That and it has a different front fascia and grill. lol This is cool. probably fun to play with but not entirely realistic. But either way enjoyable to watch. 

  • differentSmoke

    Wait WHAT? Julio Iglesias is a Blenderhead?

  • roofoo

    Somebody forgot to tighten the bolts in that car. Must be American. ;)

  • Geordi Dosher

    Combined with live action, this could be super!

  • Guest

    I loved the second one following, it was hilarious how the car just broke for no reason :)

  • claas

    I must say the last animation just cracked me up

  • Mehmet PINARCI

    ohhh yes , whit a little milk and ice cream (vanilla) !

  • Samsandoval1

    As a scientific visualization, it needs work, but if you were using this for action sequences where the cuts are quick, this is totally geeky and awesome; the ability to destroy something at all is cool and if you do it in short cuts, it'll look very impressive.

  • Drxms

    If you meant this to be in a cartoon it could work. But the wobbling effect really ruins it. 

  • beta-tester

    very interesting...
    but, i hope my car will never react like in that simulation, with "spraying" off its pieces...
    it looks more like crunchy cork flakes.
    i am missing deformation of the pieces itself.

  • Iceboltsuff

    considering what can be done with rigid bodies in other application - this is not impressive, looks kinda goofy. No disrespect to developer, I hope the issues will get addressed.

    • Beauregard Heimer

      Yeah, Blender's rigid body is kinda lame. In MAYA, all you need for a falling simulation is to add gravity and some colliders, in Blender, you need to go into the game engine.

  • Olaf

    Doesn't look particularly realistic, but all this makes me wonder if Blender could eventually be used for crash simulations. 

  • TheElwolf

    maybe it could be part of the GsoC 2012.

  • Rnsierra

    The geometric of the mesh is what will make the differences of quality simulations,the higher geometric setting the more realism simulations.Noise mesh is needed to achieves that tasks.

  • mechanical engineer

    Hey nice work, but still it's not a very good simulation. It looks like the car is made of highly elastic parts instead of deforming steel and aluminium. Maybe you should make shells first, then calculate the forces on the outside and after that the mechanical load so you can figure out, where your displacement vectors have to be and to go. And the physics rate must be extremely much higher. Your wheels are caving in the floor and the car parts flying away in a way they look like 2kg parts fly through walls.

  • Jurel

    Is this a basic mesh which is some way attached to a high-poly renderable model? or it works directly over the high-poly?Is there any build for testing this new awesome tool? :) thanks KaiKostack for your work! keep it going!

  • 8-bit

    Very cool tech demo. Looks like those plastic cars you build as a child as far as the pieces coming off. Definitely a good starting point to build upon. Oh, and my favorite was the last one too. I got a good chuckle out of it! Really enjoyed the whole thing!

  • zyzzy

    That was hard for me to watch!  I once drove a Chevy truck down into a large fan at the bottom of a funnel shaped depression.  And I had flashbacks.
    Just kidding, that was awesome!

  • mcbeth

    based of what I have seen of this in the 2.4x days the developer knows full well these won't fly as "realistic" in fact the the car crash was far..FARRR better what would have been 2+ years ago relax people

  • claas

    Just FYI to do this type of simulation in an engineering software will take hours because of the precision. This is Blender of course is it not realistic.

    • Caleb Jones

      No, it can be realistic in blender (look at the smoke sim), maybe not accurate, but realistic.

  • Roberto Abella

    I love Blender... but IMHO bullet is way too bad or at least it's bad implemented at the moment.

  • Brian Lockett

    Cool.  A great step in the right direction for Blender destruction.  One day, we'll see a powerful improvement to destructible objects in Blender--I know it.  One line of code at a time, though.

  • Lawrence D’Oliveiro

    Just add some horrendous explosions, and this would be perfect for Hollywood. Because in Hollywood, vehicles are not designed to help their occupants to survive crashes, they are designed to blow up into pieces with lots of flames at the slightest excuse.

    • roofoo


  • Alberto

    :| really cool :D

  • jin choung

    i think the people citing crush behavior are missing the point.  it doesn't look like this is supposed to generate a photoreal automobile accident or destruction... but just a step toward that.  one more tool in the arsenal.

    the semi-rigid pieces (looks like geometry turned into super-rigid cloth to me) are held together for an anim and then blown to its component pieces but none of the pieces themselves are crushing at all or deforming permanently... just doing a platicized jiggle....

    but REALLY cool.  i've never seen anything like this turned out as a feature before... even in an app like houdini.

    that would make for a hilarious car accident though... you're driving along and all of a sudden, you're sitting on the ground and your car has been decomposed into component pieces all around you.

  • Bettflasche

    I think it was good, but the materials were too stiff. Real metal bends more when a chrash comes.
    But with some camera shake and smoke and sparkles you could hide that.

  • m_x

    French cars react exactly the same kinda way!  

    • meltingman

      LoL yes it's true LOL.
      The demolition test is really interresting, need more consistence in part of the car. And add somme glace demolition too..
      It's à good treaning :-)

  • Camilo

    I think is a very great future in Blender, but the simulation in the cars some times looks like a gelatin

  • ToWi

    Actually the last sequence look rather cool.

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