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Fund Raising and Roadmap of Image Layers for Blender


Fabio Russo is raising funds for the development of the Blender Image Layers.

Fabio Russo (ruesp83) writes:

Regarding my last work on the layer manager, I have drawn up a roadmap and started raising funds for the development of the Image Layer.

The project is divided for a total of 6 phases, where each stage has its budget. Each phase addresses a particular aspect, such as: layer management, operations, etc..

Phase 1:
Stage : Management
Target : Management and operations common to organize Layer.

Phase 2:
Stage : Transform
Target : Simple operation to change the selected layer.

Phase 3:
Stage : Color
Target : Operation for the color management.

Phase 4:
Stage : Import & Export
Target : Import and export in the formats most commonly used layer.

Phase 5:
Stage : Tools
Target : Paint Tools, Selection Tools, Generic Tools

Phase 6:
Stage : Brush
Target : Improvement Brush

To further explore each stage, you can check out my blog.
Additionally, I created the pages where you can report bugs and suggest new features related to image layer.

This project can be developed and improved only with help from everyone! So I can spend more time developing the Image Layer for Blender.

At the moment 24,42€ has already be funded. But to make sure that this project will get a boost more money is needed. Total needed funds for the project is 3000€ , but the project will be started when 500€ has been collected.

Your donation will be used to continue to improve this project.

Thank everyone in advance for your contribution!

Best regards,
Fabio Russo (ruesp83)

For the record, I'm not a big believer in privately-run development fundraisers like this one (for one thing, there's no guarantee it'll end up in trunk), but maybe you feel different and it deserves a chance.


  • dono

    Hello, very interesting project !

    It gives me the opportunity to reopen the debate about order in layers. I always found it
    absurd logic of the order of layers of textures. Why the image above is
    below the layers? No other software does this logic there, it's very
    disturbing to work with layers of blender. This is not the time to
    change that? Or may be to add a preference that reverses the order of layers in 

    Again thank you for this amazing work !

    • Gnuren

      I'm pretty sure ZBrush uses the same order in layers.
      I've been wrong before though :-)

    • Manollo

      .redro tcerroc eht ni ton era sreyal eht ,onod htiw eerga I

  • dono


    Sorry, i hadn't seen this yet:

    It's perfect !! Thanks a lot !! :)

  • IamInnocent

     It would be nice for most to get a payment page in English.

    • ruesp83

      Changed! ;-)

  • Jan Sandahl

    A note on the paypal link...

    It´s in italian and I´m not. ;) Could it be changed to the english version of paypal for donations?

  • filip

    No tree (hierarchy) in the layers ?

  • jeo


  • Sévérino

    Hey Fabio Russo, for this price can you introduce... ?

    -!- 4 SelectionS (hand-drawn, linear, by color (with treshold ?), by canal)
    -!- Soft selection when entering pixels !!! for softs fades !!!
    -!- And canal RVBA, LAB
    -?- Mask Layer ???

    You can look at Gimp... ?

    Tell us if you incorporate this !?? ;-) => the donations can rise-up... ;-)
    And good work Fabio Russo !!!!

  • Sévérino

    Ops and :

    -?- save selections into canal ??

  • Olaf

    I'll donate 50 euro

  • Gwenouille

    I just donated.
    Keep it up !

  • AlexDS

    very good initiative 

  • Thcberserk

    I'm also doing a similar fundraising: just some clicks needed. Please see

    • Bart Veldhuizen

      I'm sorry, but I find it very hard to take that fundraising model seriously..

  • Hululooh

    This makes only sense to me if it works with texture painting. 

  • Henk

    Don't get me wrong I very fond of Blender and I like it's effort to be a swiss army knife of about everything. But starting to recreate everything from scratch when there exist high quality open source alternatives seems like a burden. Why cycles when other advanced renderers exist that already work closely with Blender? Why all the work on an internal text editor when it is never going to get anywhere near as good as vim (or notepad++ for that matter). And finally to get ontopic, why not provide better interoperability with GIMP?

    • Qweasy

      I hate GIMP.

    • Knowles2

      A fair point. Personally I think feature creep can become a problem for any software. Blender certainly suffered some of that. Through developed a high end free to use open source render engine is a necessity, if just for the sake of limiting costs an giving the community a backup plan. 

  • Max Puliero

    instead a full feature UVeditor a better viewport painting system would be better :)

  • Fire Angel

    It seems a strange thing to want to add layered image editing in any form to Blender.  I'd much rather see the programming effort put into improving image import and export options so people can use The Gimp, PhotoShop, Photo-Paint or whatever suits them.  Dedicated image editors will always do this better and code-bloat is a most unwelcome addition to Blender.

  • Lawrence D’Oliveiro

    Are you using GEGL? Because GIMP is slowly being reworked to build all its image manipulations on top of GEGL.

  • Philippe ROUBAL

    @Dono :

    You said :

    Quote : "I always found it absurd logic of the order of layers of textures. Why the image above is below the layers? No other software does this logic there, it's very disturbing to work with layers of blender."

    That's totally wrong : It is the way all Video editor work. Upper tracks are always on the bottom lines.

    As we write from top to bottom, it is also logical to add new tracks under previous tracks. It is the same for image layers.

    As Blender uses both layers textures and video tracks, it is really logical to use the same homogeneous rules for both systems.

    The fact that Photoshop uses different conventions is not the proof that it is the best method.

    Best regards,


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