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Happy Birthday, Ton!


  • Hubberthus

    Happy Birthday! Don't grow up! :)

  • Damrs 3d

    Happy Birthday, Ton!!

  • TNS

    Happy Birthday!

  • Sander

    Happy birthday Ton, en nog vele jaren!

  • Peter Houlihan

    Breithlá sona duit a Thon! :D Thanks for all the hard work!

  • GreyGhost

    You should never grow up

  • Tigertowel

    Happy birthday, all the best!

  • Fabian Schempp

    Happy Birthday Ton.

  • Shweta

    Happy Birthday Ton!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  • pjohnsen

    Happy Birthday, and all the best wishes for the future :D

  • Alain Liu

    Happy Birthday Ton!!!

  • kali

    happy birthday ton, and thanks for all !!!!

  • Ashker_abbas2007

    Happy Birthday

  • Grayoff

    Happy Birthday, Ton!

  • Mario Camarillo García

    In english Happy birthday and spanish Felíz Cumpleaños oh great GOD of the 3D world god bless you 

  • crins

    Congratulations and thanks for the presents you've been giving us all these years! (together with all de Blender devs.  ;)

  • Stephen

    Happy Birthday Ton.

  • Victor Yap

    Wish you another great year ahead!!

  • shul

    cungratz ton ! :)

  • bboyclike


  • Denis

    Happy Birthday Ton.

  • Stephen Oravec

    ø¤º°¨ Happy Birthday! Don't grow up! ¨°º¤ø

  • Mario Parcianello

    Buon Compleanno!!!!

  • Bernar

    Happy Birthday Ton :-))))  keep up being an inventive child !!!

  • Witold Jaworski

    Happy Birthday!
    What about another 52 years? Or even more :)

  • axiom

    Happy Birthday! It's much too early for growing up :) Enjoy your day!

  • Jeroen Mank

    Happy Birthday Ton,
    And please stay a child and keep dreaming and imagining.

  • William Whitman

    Happy Birthday

  • Irf

    Selamat Ulang Tahun Ton.....

  • void

    and next week he will be 19000 days 

  • Kabixx

    Happy Birthday

  • Jfraserm

    Happy Birthday to you. Hope it's a great day :)

  • Stefan

    Happy Birthday

  • dave62

    Allet jute - Happy Birthday Ton!!!
    Have fun and all the best for you.

  • Matt

    Happy Birthday! :)

  • JiBZ

    Happy Birthday, Ton!

  • Alberto

    Happy birthday :)
    God bless you :)

  • kABHIr

    Happy birthday Ton!

  • Neo2068

    Happy Birthday!!

  • Carlos Dominguez

    From Argentine, Happy Birthday Ton!!! Thank you for Blender!!!

  • Sévérino



  • Cody

    Happy birthday Ton!

  • sergio / brasil

    feliz aniversário ton,
    happy birthday
    sergio / brasil

  • Nicolás Alvarado

    Happy Birthday!!

  • lapinou

    Happy Birthday Ton!

  • Adrien1769

    all i can say is you da man ton for making blender so great i am impressed happy bday!

  • 4museman

    Vše nejlepší k narozeninám, Tone! (Happy birthday wish from Czechia.)
    Thanks for all your great work you do every day!

  • Postrock

    Are you joking? Never grow up if you can! Happy birthday..

  • Emc_deux

    Happy Blending Ton ! Oups, Birthday...

  • Michael Dawkins

    Happy birthday Ton! Thanks for everything!

  • DoubleZ

    Joyeux anniversaire Ton :)

  • pg

    Happy birthday!!!!

  • DimitrisC

    Happy birthday Ton!Thanks 4 everything!

  • jonomat

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag!

  • Martín Eschoyez
  • Polosson

    Un joyeux anniversaire Ton ! Pile le jour du printemps ! Donc joyeux printemps aussi :D
    Happy birthDay Ton ! Just the day of Spring ! So happy new Spring too :D

  • Ricarte

    Happy Birthday! =:-)

  • Electronicpulse

    don't ever grow up... and i hope you like the beatles

  • Lenniecg

    Happy birthday Ton!

  • T.E. Mencer

    Happy 25th birthday!

    Wait .. eh, yeah let's go with that.

  • yo

    Maligayang bati sayo! naway bigyan kapa ng mahabang buhay.

    Happy Birthday Sir. Ton, greetings from the Philippines.

  • Mr.Burns

    Happy birthday Ton!

  • dono

    Happy birthday Ton !!! You are our king !!! :)

    Thank you for all !

  • Jean-Gabriel LOQUET

    Woah, there's a lot of love out there, man !

    Happy birthday Ton ;) !


  • Erik90mx

    happy birthaday Mr. Blender Boss :)


  • SephirothTBM

    Happy BDay Ton!!!

  •ávio-Lima/100001724260924 Sávio Lima

    Happy birthday Ton. You are the leader of the best open source software in the world. Wish You more 52 years. Feliz aniversário do Brasil. 

  • Richard Wilks

    Happy Birthday!
    One of my favourite quotes:
    "Growing old is mandatory.  Growing up is optional." :)

  • AlyasPogi

    Happy Birthday Skipper!

  • shashank_singh

    Happy Birthday Ton ! 

  • Poblotzki

    Happy birthday and thanks for doing what you're doing.

  • Wanda Liz

    Happy Birthday !! Have a wonderful happy, healthy birthday and many more to come.

  • Luis Roach

    congratulations Ton!
    For you and your work!

  • MeshWeaver

    Happy Birthday Ton! :D

  • forestdino

    Alles gute zum geburstag, happy birthday!!

  • Luiz

    Parabéns, Ton. Muita saúde e felicidade.

    Congrats from Brazil.

  • Richard Slater

    Feliz Aniversário Ton. Muitos anos de vida com muita saúde e felicidades.

    Congrats from Itabaiana/Sergipe/Brazil. 

  • Juanguzzy

    Congratulations Ton, you probably have a body of 52 years with the soul of 22 years.

  • Jan the Freeze


  • Giorgio Martini


  • Samuel Arataca

    Happy birthday Ton!!!
    Feliz aniversário Ton!!!

  • Guardian 452

    Happy Birthday!!  And many, many more!

  • Joseph Wourms

    WOOT!  Happy b-day Ton!

  • Valentin Schwarze

    Happy Birthday, Ton!

  • Skauchx

    Happy Birthday Ton!!!

    Feliz Cumpleaños Ton !!!!
    From Chile :D !!!!

  • Ricardo Ramalho

    Happy Birthday Ton!
    The trick of living is always to embrace it like a child ;) if so you can do anything, just as you still do!
    Keep dreaming!
    Muitos Parabéns Ton! (portuguese version!)

  • P Roecker

    Still in Front... Happy Birthday Ton and THANKS for all the good work you have done for Blender. May you find the spirit and the energy  to go on for many years to come.....

  • Iam Urf

    Happy Birthday Ton!

  • Chris

     Happy Birthday Ton! Thank you so much!

  • danilius

    Yay! Many happy returns.

  • Pam Hampton

    Woot! . . . and as others have said, thank you!

  • Oana

    Happy Birthday and thank you so much for giving Blender to the world. You deserve all the best!

  • Petr Utinek

    Happy Birthday Ton and may the Blender Force Be with You

  • Joaclint Istgud

    Never grow up, please!! Always dreaming.

  • Andcamp

    Happy Birthday!
    old but young :-)

  • MDomino

    Happy birthday, Ton! :)

  • Lehn Hariher Aquaritus

    Keep your self !!!

  • sir G.

    Happy brithday, Ton! And never grow up! :D

  • alecu

    Happy birthday!

  • selecta trafaret

    от всей Украины - с днем варенья!!!
    живи долго, работай продуктивно :)

  • Kirado

    Happy Birthday Dude!

  • Guest

    Happy Birthday and ty

  • Nick Rishel

    Hartelijk gefeliciteerd met uw verjaardag.

    Boy I hope the internet did not tell me to say something dirty. D:

  • MikhailPSchalk

    Happy Birthday!

  • Drxms

    Same as above. Have a good one Ton.

  • Ebarranko

    ¡Feliz cumpleños Ton! Festejate con unos mezcales y un buen tequila.

  • Yury Bulka

    Happy Birthday from Ukraine, dear Blender father!

  • Mehmet PINARCI

    YOU DA MAN ! happy birthday TON , greetings from Baku Azerbaijan .

  • Blenderpalindia

    It takes a lot of courage to lead a Open Source Software development and making it a success like this is a HUGE HUGE feet... wish you more and more success and a very happy birthday Tony...

  • Aclariel

    Happy Birthday Ton!!!
    Ba mhaith liom buíochas a ghabháil leat le mo chroí go léir le haghaidhgach rud a rinne tú. Is é an cumascóir amach anseo!Do anniverssaire maith go fóill!

    Sincerely, Aclariel.

  • Heroe512

    Feliz cumpleaños!!! vamos a chupar tequila!!!! (Happy birthday let's drink tequila!!!)

  • Saidou Bâ

    Happy Birthday Blender Father, joy maker and dream seller for free Greeting from Sénégal, Africa.

  • meltingman

    happy bitrhday, pleinty love and imagination Ton. thanks à lot for all.

  • Dirk Moser

    Happy Birthday !!!  :)

  • Javier Cotillas


  • Alvaro F. Celis

     Happy BD Ton! Thanks for blender and its people! Have fun, beers are on me!  :D

  • Guitar

    Happy Birthday Ton!

  • Mopdawg

    Happy birthday Ton, thank you so much

  • Dominik

    Happy Birthday, alles Gute zum Geburtstag!

  • basse

    nah, we never grow up.


  • Paulo H Perbone Rocha

    Happy Birthday! Feliz Aniversário!

  • themonster

    Happy blending to you!!! big boss!!! 

  • Ciprian

    Happy Birthday, Ton
    and many Happy Birthdays from now on!!!

  • Liquid Orange

    Happy Birthday Mr. Blender :)

  • Lowdweller

    Happy Birthday!
    Wish you many more fun and productive years!

  • Aneyevu Production

    Happy birthday Ton from AnEyeVuProduction... and Blender Association Society

  • gugu_de

    Happy Birthday Ton! 

  • abderrehmane

    long life to our dear wizard, I can give you a gift but I can only say, thank you for this beautiful gift you every time we offrer, thank you all my heart
    (function(){var src = document.getElementById('source');src.focus();;'border-box';})();Essayez avec cette orthographe : longue vie a notre cher magicien

    Saisissez du texte, l'adresse d'un site Web ou importez un document à traduire.

  • Christoph Pöhler aka Dracio

    I reached the and.. maybe for thad part
    Happy happy birthday
    Stay thad fantasic as you are
    and same german"Erwachsen war doch schon immer mehr eine Todesart ;)"
    (maybe Sebastian will translate)

  • Imagineer

    Hartelijk Gefeliciteerd jongen!Bedankt voor het geweldig program Blender en voor al je gesjouw!"Lang zal die leven...."

  • RonProctor

    Happy Birthday! Have a slice of piecaken!

  • DOOMsayer

    Happy birthday, Ton!
    May all your wishes come true.
    I would like to use this opportunity to thank you for Blender ,it is an amazing program ,and incredibly it is free and constantly developing.
    Thank you!


    • Dusty

       Said it all right there! Seconded!

  • CGNick

    Happy Sweet Birthday. we love YOU!! :)

  • jeo

    happy BD man!

  • stanislav russian

    Happy birthday Toooon :))

  • Dusty

    Happy Birthday Ton!

  • Goeland57

    Joyeux Anniversaire
    et MERCI

  • Rnsierra

    Happy birthday Ton,and thanks for not giving up on blender.Your an inspiration...

  • Manu34

    Bonjours Mr Ton.
    Je suis fier de vous souhaiter un joyeux anniversaire! 
    ET fier de pouvoir utiliser blender.
    Que du plaisir de voir le travail accompli par de multiples personnes.

  • Mr Mowgli

    Happy Birthday Ton, I hope this is the start of a wondrous year for you (And for Blender!) full of creativity and joy.

    Thank you Ton!

  • MxD

    Er is er eentje jaaaaarig ! Hip Hip Hoeraaaaa voor Ton !!!
    Gisteren mijn dochter 25, vandaag Ton 52 ! What's in a number ? 't Is het hert dat telt !!!!

    Good luck ! Happy days !  And THANKS A LOT for Blender and its wonderfull community !  :-)Nog een boeiend Mango-avontuur ! Een heel boeiend project !Hou je haaks Ton - en op naar de 100 !  :-)

  • Psion

    Keep on Blending, Ton! 

  • Karlis Stigis


  • Jean-pierre Deloince

    Happy Birthday for your 25 years Ton Skywalker!
    May the Force be with you !
    - - -
    Bonne anniversaire pour tes 25 ans Ton Skywalker!
    Que la force soit avec toi !

  • Kirill Poltavets

    Happy Birthday, Ton!
    You looks pretty young, man! :)
    Be healthy and happy!

  • pixflo

    Happy Birthday happy genius! Always thanks for all your incredible job 

  • Lockal

    Happy Birthday Dr. Ton :)

  • Arnaud Couturier

    Long life to Ton!
    And may he never grow up :D

  • Roberto Navas

    Feliz Cumpleaños Ton!

  • Johnny D. Wi Cked

    Ton Roosendaal, Blenderman. Happy birthday! :D

  •óvão/1449795017 Paulo Cristóvão

     Happy birthday Ton!... Thank you for who you are! :)

  • Kemo

    Happy birthday Ton!

  • Konstantins

    Happy birthday!

  • Francois

    Happy birthday. Thanks for your dynamism and what you have done with Blender :))))

  • Raymond

    Happy birthday Ton.

  • Max

    Feliz cumpleñaos Ton, gracias por todo!!! :D

  • Okichkoatl

    Happy birthday Ton. Thanks for blender and many more birthdays, how my ancients Mexicas would say, " tonantzin tlalli ipalnemouani kamouan" that means "that the real earth which we live for be with you"

  • Ben

    Ton and i have the same Birthday!

  • Ricardo Raimundo

    Feliz aniversario Ton!
    Happy birthday from Portugal!..and thank you so much for your golden child, Blender.You have changed the world of CG forever..

    Really, thank you for all.

  • Chickurken

    Happy Birthday Ton. Have a great one, and thanks for Blender!!

  • Satriatomat

    Happy Birthday Ton!

  • Gage Wilkinson

    Happy Birthday Ton!

    Here's to the many great years you've lived...
    And here's to many more great years ahead.

    Thank you for all the great work you've done.

  • AlexDS

    happy birthday great man!!!

  • danifou

    Joyeux anniversaire ! Happy birthday !

  • Paul Murphy

    Happy birthday ton, hope you're having a good one! 

  • Sozap

    Happy birthday Ton !!
    from France ...

  • Vykelt

    Happy Birthday Ton!!! 

  • Terry

    Have a cold one Ton.
    Oh, and Happy Birthday. Have that cold one and your sure to have a happy one!

  • Santiago De los Santos

    Happy Birthday Ton!!!
    From Uruguay :)

  • Sleepwalker

    Happy Birthday Mr President...

  • Benymusic

    Feliz cumple Ton. From my begginer level, and tankyou for all. Wath is the world without the Blender dream?
    Healt and live for you My Frind.

  • Patrizio

    Happy Birthday Ton

  • Vassilios

    Happyyy Birthday Ton!!
    ....and all the BEST!

  • Robco Blender

    I'm not sure if it has been said already, but,    Happy Birthday, Ton..!!

    I don't know where you came from, but we are all glad for where you've been..   SPEECH, SPEECH..!!

  • lecithin

    haaaaaaaaappy birthday!
    live long and prosper!

  • Aniruddha Hardikar

    Happy Birthday!

  • Tungerz

    Happy birthday Ton!!!
    Beers you you my friend _/_/_/_/
    Cheers :)

  • Lindsey Laho

    I greatly appreciate your time and effort that you've put into creating Blender.

  • johnj

     tons of good wishes to ton

  • Asdasd

    52? For real? I would not have thought he was that old.

    Happy birthday nonetheless!

  • LswaN

    Darn, I'm a day late. Oh, well. Belated Happy Birthday Ton! You're the Man!

  • Big Fan

    This is the time of year I am happy to be reminded Ton is even older than I am.
    Happy birthday Big Ton.

  • Danny

    Happy birthday, Ton!

    Van harte gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag! Nog vele jaren toegewenst in geluk en gezondheid!

  • Pali12345

    Happy Birthday masterrrr! :D

  • _Po_

    Happy Birthday Ton ; Joyeux Anniversaire Ton !

  • Brian Lockett

    Aw, I knew I should've came here yesterday!  Happy belated birthday, Ton!

  • Shane

    Growing up is over-rated - it is more fun to stay young. Happy Birthday and thanks for giving to us.

  • Chingis Jumaliev

    Туулган күнүңүз менен Тон! :D

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