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Mango: Source files & Storyboards!

The Mango team has released the source files for their training short 'QUIT BLENDER!', and all the storyboards for the movie (except for the last minute). The storyboards are amazing - the team has their work cut out for them!

From the Mango Blog:

As part of our new even-opener initiative, we’re releasing everything but the last minute (and the script)- that means we’re releasing a ton of storyboards!

Feel free to swing over and take a look here.

Quit blender! Source files and HD version

As promised we release a final version of the kickoff workshop short film in full HD for your delight, containing a few fixes and tweaks. We are also releasing the main production folder under CC-BY license for you to explore and improve.



  • Alejandro Abarca R

    Now that's amazing.

  • Barz

    Nooo, I don't want to see the storyboard, the movie must be a surprise!
    gosh I can't resist, I have to know

  • pamtango


  • Aniruddha Hardikar


  • erick parra

    THANK YOU !!!

  • Philip Witte

    Great work!

  • Drxms

    storyboard doesnt say much. But it looks like a very cool and intressting piece of work. 

  • GraphiX

    Well, s**t.  I can't believe that david pulled this off in 2 days.  How much sleep did he get?  Oh, and MyPaint?

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