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Something Sweet to Eat

By James Campbell.

James writes:

This is an animated short I created in only six days animated and rendered using Blender. Depth of field was also done in blender. The ability to transfer camera data from Blender to After Effects was invaluable. The HD rendering was fast due to the chosen style about 8 seconds a frame and only slowed down when calculating the vector motion blur.

The pose tools are the best I've every used and allow you to animate at an amazing speed. The other feature that doesn't get talked about much is the ability to zoom in on your camera view. This allows you to animate and see details that normally get missed and in other packages you have to switch views to clean up. I've used almost all of the big packages in production (Max, Maya, softimage, Lightwave) and the current version of blender gives them all a run for their money. People love to compare features among the packages but forget that 90% of what they do uses only the base program. I'm now fully converted to blender and can't go back.

Hope you enjoy it.


  • Santo

    Amazing style!!
    great short!!!

  • Metpinarci

    Beautiful , I kind of wish that we did see bit more of that  taxi sign"s under water part  . Is time based in future ?

  • thejikz

    I love everything about this!! Even the credits and the "bite" out of the end! Such a fun, creative piece!

  • Antonvdh

    Very nice work

  • NH3D

    Yes, another convert

  • Julian

    Nice and funny video; but the sound design is truly terrible (just the same sound over and over again...).

    • jamescampbell

      It's the one area that really got cut back due to the lack of time. I'm surprised I even got any sound down at all in the end. I think it got all of about 4 hours.

  • derek

    woah that gets sinister at the end...

  • Caddboss

    Amazingly done! Really enjoyed

  • Rgrove

    Outstanding work. Very creative and looks beautiful. Congrats to you. Hope yo'll make more films in the future. 

  • Jan Sandahl

    Interesting style. The Taxi sign felt like a story that was not followed through though. Or was it only to enhance the "life is full of death" feeling? Great work in a short amount of time nevertheless!

    • jamescampbell

      Just messing around really.

  • Kirill Poltavets

    Awesome ))
    Although now every time I see something "obviously BI rendered" I want to re-render it in Cycles :D And I think this movie deserves it!
    Yeah, I know about the style... But anyway these frames can be improved with Cycles. Hmmm... Only dragonflies. They must be colored as they are the main characters (seems to be).

    • derek

      cycles would probably be unnecessary in this, it has a cartoon [or non-photo-realistic at least] aesthetic and doesn't need GI or caustics...

  • jeo


  • Lord_omnipotent

     The narration seems unnecessary...I'd like to see a version without it

    • Natethegreatgill

      Turn the volume down. Lol

  • 8-bit

    Really nice short for the amount of time! I wish i could produce work at this speed at that quality. I like seeing what people can pull off in a short time frame. It can definitely inspire, and this does exactly that!

    One question though if you don't mind answering James. What were the total hours spent in the 6 days? Cool work & thanks for sharing!

    • jamescampbell

      I think it's around 56 hours but it could be another 6 hours.

      • 8-bit

        About what I had in mind, but I would of been really depressed if you had said "around 15-20 hrs in my free time"! :)

  • meltingman

    amazing and whaoo 6 day to do this superb short :-o.. congratulation

  • Tyler Mercer

    The narration is really weird. Other than that, I really like it. Very nice animations.

    • jamescampbell

      I agree it is weird. I thought it could use a voice over so mashed some words together at about one in the morning. Probably shouldn't do that at that time of night.

  • Skupper

    Utterly charming. Going to watch again. The taxi cab sign a wonderful ploy.

  • Peter Houlihan

    Looks fantastic! :D You should be proud. Don't dragonflies have no mouthparts though? I love the yinyang heads too!

  • Philippe ROUBAL

    Great work in a so short time ! Well done.

  • Luis Robles

    Love it!

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