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By Vanilla Seed.

jf sarazin writes:

We are happy to share with you our latest very short film,fully done with Blender and Vray.

Vanilla Seed is a six years old french Studio. We are using Blender since one year now, and are very happy with it!


  • Karlis Stigis

    I like it, but where did you use Vray??? :D

    • dddjef

      We use Vray for rendering main characters. It could seem weird, but it's our pipeline... :)

  • MDomino

    Great short film! Love it!

  • L3clara

    Nice and funny, yet 2012 is a Mayan apocalypse, no a Cchristian one, you could have use a Mayan logo like

    • dddjef

      Ah ah... clever one!

    • Ze Marcelo Moreira

      For the christians the world is allways ending, they are allready tired of the waiting...

      • Craig Snedeker

         LOL, this is true, I will admit. ;)

  • Denis

    one more studio in France using Blender , nice !

  • dave62

    nice voice acting:)

  • Jonathane30191

    HAHAHA Nice! 

  • HiRes

    very nice!!!

  • Ze Marcelo Moreira


  • Onnevan

    Great! I´m very interested on the workflow. Rendered with Vray because it's your pipeline?? weird...

  • XeroWolf

    lol I really enjoyed it. Nice work.

  • Skupper

    Pretty damn adorable! Good work!

  • Metpinarci

    very sweet , lovely I like it :)

  • dddjef

    Thanks for all your comments.
    Onnevan> you always can tweak things to get what you need with, modeling, Uv or animation. Moving points one by one if needed. But with render engine, I need something reliable, you can't cheat as the rest. When you find a stable and good looking engine like vray, you spend time to learn it, and you avoid to change.

  • masluch

    how did you make animation? I mean it looks like vector. did you animated path's or something? especialy hands, mouth and eyes look very nice. maybe you could share with us how you achived this in blender?

  • Sven Stash

    Really funny ! Nice animation and great soundtrack "à la" Pérusse…

  • Marc Ollivrin

    Really happy to see another French Studio using Blender in its pipeline !
    I have one question : How did you integrate Vray in your Pipeline, is it by using Vray Exporter plugin ?

    If it's the case, i think that this is a great win for Blender, and we should see more and more studios starting to use Blender in their pipelines in the coming years, also because of that kind of capability.

  • kram1032

    Wow. What a twist :D

    Really well done :)

  • cejota

    lol at my house we laugh a lot! is very very good.

  • Dave H

    And only the alcoholics will be rescued?

  • Sorbus

    Nice! 'Life of Brian' meets the 'Mr Men' ;-)

  • dddjef

    @aba179eaf0ad8dd91a5ad7c3b26e520c:disqus the "vector setup" is simply beveled curve with a hook per point. It wasn't easy to maintain, but I like the way it looks like "wire".@b9d961f67a9032596eef477cc928a9d7:disqus  We use the download build of bdancer ( By the way, I start using vray builds on graphicall, and it was buggy. when I switch to bdancer builds everything run great. Kuddos to him!

    • Marc Ollivrin

       Thanks, i had playing with these builds, but get problems due to my lack of knowledge on VRay itself, and it's not easy to find VRay tutorials related specificly to Blender Vray exporter ...
      I mean, at this time, it seems that you have to already know how to fine tune VRay on another 3D software before being able to use it in Blender the right way ...
      Anyway, good work, i really had a kind moment of fun with your animation ^__^

  • Kirill Poltavets

    LOL !!!
    Thanks, Vanilla Seed, it's great! :))

  • Dane Custance

    Loved it thanks.

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