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Matray, creator of the amazing/cool/cute Babioles shorts, has made one of his characters speak. It's an awesome little story ;-)

matray writes:

Hi there,

I've wanted to make one of my character speak for a long time. This is it, say hi to Franssiss !

This is one of my old characters, one I've designed for the Babioles serie (which is almost done by the way!), but he was rejected during the writing of the serie. So now he speaks !

It was also a good oppurtunity to test the tomato Branch, so the shot was 3D tracked with a graphicall build (can't remember whcih one...). Everything else is made with blender 2.61 and the rendering is with the Blender Internal even though Cycles is tempting me a lot for my next projects! But I really need SSS for those shader, so I have to wait :)

I've made everything in approximately 3 weeks (10 days for the animation only...) and finally I composited with After effects (I needed some motion blur, grain, glow and a few color correction fine-tuning that are more precise with it, despite the fact that I love the compositing nodes in blender...)

I hope you'll enjoy this little joke ;)

(Maybe some langage isn't appropriate for children, maybe not, but you should be warned...)

Cheers !


  • Andrew Porter

    loved it 

  • IamInnocent

    Tougher than it looks, especially toward the end, :D

  • danifou

    Super !

  • PhantaS

    Génial, une de mes blagues favorites et un compositing du tonerre!

    • Bart Veldhuizen

      In English please!

      • Ray Mairlot

        Having seen you having to make this comment almost on a daily basis maybe a small post is needed about this?

        • Stan

          He need a plugin to do that automatic
          { if strange language detected ;
          print 'print In English please '  }
          haha , nice character Ray :)

          • Bart Veldhuizen

            That would be awesome %^)

        • Bart Veldhuizen

          Yes, it's been on the back of my mind. I thought I'd see if I could gently nudge people to pick up the habit, but it's difficult to get used to, it seems ;-)

          • Anonymous

            I believe bing has an addon to add in a "Translate" button if it's not in english

          • Bart Veldhuizen

            I really don't want to go that way. This is an English blog, so everyone should write in English - it's a simple courtesy to the other readers. Comments in another language are fine, as long as a translation is provided.

          • Anonymous

            That's fair enough.
            Would you like a script that detects non-english language and gives a pop up "Did you remember an english translation?"

            I could build that for you :)

          • Bart Veldhuizen

            Thanks for the offer! I'm currently using Disqus - I don't think you can add your own scripts to that.

          • Anonymous

            It is possible to do using javascript to intercept and parse the data.
            However this could be an easy option:
            For those who don't make their own translation.

            Though to add the pop-up you can obtain the users language with javascript and make a pop-up before the data is parsed if the language isn't english.

    • Myutili

      Translation : One of my favourite jokes and a heck of a compositing!

  • Grafixsuz2

    Hahahaa, that was incredibly funny. I loved it... Great use of blender but to be honest, I didn't care about blender half way through because this was just great short. Would love to see more from you guys. Mind you I felt for the poor guy in the end. That is what friends can do for you hey... LOL

  • DimitrisC

    Great stuff!

  • Pozo

    Bravo! Très bien fait, et marrant. (In English: Great Job! Very well done, and hilarious.)

  • beesau

    Génial j'adore

  • meltingman

    Aï Lauve Ziss Matray LOL. Rialy good Montage Aî am "sur le cul" (surprised LOOL)

  • Ad Finem

    "I wish this bear, over here... was gay."  Didn't see that one coming at all XD

    Very funny though. Good job, and Franssiss is just about the cutest bear I've ever seen by the way ^-^

  • Drxms

    I kind of waited for its eyes to pop out. :O 

  • DOOMsayer

    English version of the vid at:

    • DOOMsayer

      Oh ,wait ,I've been fooled by the video's title...
      It's in French...

  • Lyle Walsh

    But if ALL the bears are female then HE is now female AND lesbian so all is good!


      he wished that all the bears BUT him would be females so that he wouldn't be lonely. The rabbit had the next one and made him gay. HAHAHA

    • Jono Childs

      what I was about to say :P Awesome animation though - seamless integration

  • Zander Nicolic

    Bravo (= smart, clever).
    It's really amusing; I'd like more animation for eyes, though.

  • Kirill Poltavets

    Very funny ))))))) !!!

  • Terrachild

    I thought the rabbit would want to be turned into a Bear at the end so he'd be one of two male bears.
    But maybe I'm just thinking what I would have done.
    Your ending works better for the story....very funny!

  • Jeff Bate

    I found the white subtitles a bit hard to read, black might have worked better, but good otherwise.

  • Ed Kosmicki


  • Ed Kosmicki

    Nicely done - it made ma laugh

  • Charles Hetier

    I really really really loved it! I found the story so funny and the caracter so pleasant that I completly forgot to pay attention on the technic the first time I watched it.

    A little regret but there is nothing to do (but speak french ;-)): I think that people that do not speak french miss hilarious details (prononciation, "Les vosges" translated into montains and so on...).

    Can't wait to see more!

  • Philippe ROUBAL

    AhAh, very funny and well done !  Great voice too !
    I'm french.

  • Iam Urf

    Amazing clip. Kept me entertained the entire way through and I hate subtitles. Kudos to a job well done!

  • HumanBlade

    while i can hear the dimwitted lisping and get the tone, the subtitles are atrocious. impossible to absorb when you have to decipher what they say. found myself reading more then watching, which is most definitely not a subtitle norm for me. take a hint from actual writers when it comes to accents and colloquialisms... don't spell it out. in writing, 'he spoke with a slow lisp' is succinct and get's the point across more than 'thizz iss not nice to doo to friend, iss it?'. in film... it's already being heard, there's context already. if you're worried about people not picking up on the character's personality because of their accent/speech, don't be. their loss/strong character doesn't need props etc. whatever excuse lets you sleep at night, just don't spell out accent, it's atrocious and makes things difficult to read.

    • Peter

      I loved the subtitles, they made it for me. Really put me in mind of an Alsatian french speaker, somewhere up the mountains.

  • Peter

    Whats happened to the video? Private now?

    • Bart Veldhuizen

      I've contacted Matray about this, thanks.

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