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Overview of Object Tracking in Tomato Branch

You've all seen the amazing 'tests' of the new Object Tracking function by Sebastian König. But how does he do it? Check out his video tutorial on Blender Cookie to learn all his (Blender-) secrets!

Sebastian König writes:

In this overview of some upcoming features in Blender, we show you how to use the new Object Tracking available in the Tomato branch. Object Tracking, similar to Camera Tracking, allows you to track the position of an object relevant to the camera so that you can replace objects in real footage with a 3D model.



  • Tadd Mener

    This is fantastic! Object Tracking is going to take the indie world by storm! If I was doing live action, this would be key. Sadly, I don't have the funds for a camera (or actors, props, costumes, locale, etc) but at least I know what tool to turn to when it comes to the CG!

  • AnyMation

    I was waiting for this. Thanks a mil, Sebastian

  • Hjmediastudios

    It can always be used for simple mocap stuff.

  • Rafael Rios

    This is Great !! Thanks for the mini-tutorial.

    I have a question or a fetaure request: Is it posible to "map" the object tracking to a Bone ?
    I think this will be usefull to mocap actor movements and them "map" them to your 3D creature.
    Is there any Andy Serkis / Gollum  in the room ? :) :)

  • ChicOrtiz

    To me, the biggest secret about these videos from Sebastian is : How did he convinced the girl to join the footage? XD

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us man! :)

    • OscarM

      I Think he got these footage from
      On this page there are hd footage for tracking and green screening, perfect for learning this stuff without having pro cams or actors.

  • Karlis Stigis

    How does PFTrack object tracking work? It's not using trackpoints.. it somehow compares 3D mesh with the object in video..  
    Can something like that be implemented in blender? It's much easier process..  and you can match things even without trackpoints.

  • Ammusionist

    Bring on the Lightsaber Fights!

    • Anonymous

      She's actually holding a toy lightsaber as part of the gun rig. :)

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