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  • Mel_y3k

    awesome! congrats!

  • EnV

    Amazing shorts, really deserved! Congrats to everyone.


    Assembly: Life in Macrospace is my favorite,very natural animation.

  • Stephen Oravec

    Congrats to everyone! my fav is Babioles.

  • Mike

    yeah.. congrats.. kip it up!..

  • Joeri

    Amazing stuff.
    Id like to see some wires for the macro animation. I read there is life footage in here... Wonder what is 3d and what is filmed.

    The tearing plastic... Is that blender? Or hot sterofoam?

    • Jonathan Lax

      Thanks so much!  We're working on a breakdown of all the CG shots which will be posted on soon!

  • Marko

    Excellent work! Babioles is my favorite!

  •ávio-Lima/100001724260924 Sávio Lima

    Well deserved. Babioles is my favorite. Really show how Blender is powerful.

  • Anonymous

    congrats to the winners. i love light at the end and babioles

  • Animaticoide

    Congratulations to everyone. Great entries this year !

  • LswaN

    Congratulations to all the nominees, and especially to the winners in each category, thanks for showing what great animations can be made in Blender.

  • Unknown


  • meltingman

    bravo, pour ce que blender permet de faire, pour ce moment de visionnage fort sympathique.
    Bravo :-) 

  • Xero Wolf

    Babioles was my overall fav but I loved Iceland Express as well. Life in Macrospace was just mind blowing!
    All top notch work guys. Congratulations.

  •ña/1192082866 Haritold Ocaña

    Congratulations for so incredible work. From Colombia one cordial I greet the winners and the whole family Blender.

  • Martin Eschoyez

    i really think that all three deserves the award. Congrats to all participants as well. Very very nice works in there! :D

  • Alan H Perry

    Good stuff. Congrats to all. So glad Babioles won Best Short, stunning bit of work. Looking forward to seeing more of Matray's work.

  • Hawk

    Assembly: Life in Macrospace


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