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Reyante Martinez created this delightful vignette using blender, gimp, and audacity, in his spare time.

I just wanted to share with you and the whole community the latest project that I have done, made [in my free time]after work. It started originally as a shading and animation test and eventually turned into a 'sort-of-short' in itself. Though I must admit, the story is the weakest point in this short. However, the message to bring pleasant memories and feelings is brought up, I believe.


Note: I tried posting this yesterday, but because of an issue with WordPress and Vimeo, the video wasn't embedded properly.


  • kram1032

    Why is the video merely linked rather than visible?
    Did something go wrong with that?

    • Bart Veldhuizen

      Vimeo is having problems, I had to pull the post again :-(


    • Bart Veldhuizen

      I found a WordPress/Vimeo fix and republished this post.

  • Andreas Klostermann

    I think this is hilarious, especially the part where an apple hits the android....

  • Anonymous

    Deee Lite-ful. Groove is all up in that heart.

  • Barri Allen

    Very very nice. Creative, enjoyable and correct (look at the long list of greetings).
    I feel myself elated whenever I see 3D CG art diverging from photorealism in a worthy way.

  • Georg

    it was good, but the history was just... ummmm. anyways im so glad that it was made using Blender. I love Blender

  • Zbuffer

    Nice idea but too much light bloom and blur. It does not feel like a morning sunshine....i think there should me more shade/contrast and a bit clearer air. 

  • Rory Michael O'Sullivan

    Like the author said, the story is weak but visually its fantastic!

  • Kirill Poltavets

    The story is funny :) But I didn't thought that there will be some serious message at the end. 'Coz the setting isn't like to that.
    Anyway - very very! Congratulations, Reynante!
    P.S. I played the movie first before I saw the description at the top here.

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