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Ton Roosendaal Interview at Siggraph 2011

3D Total interviewed Ton Roosendaal at this years Siggraph conference in Vancouver. Ton talks about what's being worked on for blender 2.6 on and Project Mango.


  • mcreamsurfer

    Is the presentation footage running in the background available somewhere? I am teaching a blender class in university and it would be nice demo for the beginners course next semestre.
    Thanks for any help in advance

  • Hubberthus

    Man, I'm really looking forward to project Mango! Science fiction, robots and stuff! =)

  • Jan Morgenstern

    It's a bit irritating that the interviewer appears to be bound and determined to get more speaking time than the interviewee :)

  • http://N/A Blender man

    Glad to hear that the new blender will be here in septmber i cant wait till its finished then i can stop using 2.49 this is great news and the funny thing is my birthday is in september its like a birthday present lol

  • Magiciandude

    I REALLY want to get involved with Mango! :D
    So much cool stuff is coming, I don't know how the commercial applications are going to keep up! Even Max and Maya don't have camera tracking!

  • Dread Knight

    +1 for the background footage :D

  • erik90mx

    Colin was in there!! (Pixar)
    The video in the background was great, in my univesity the principal want to promote
    the use of Blender through the students... we are engineers in computer science.

    Just some of us are using this amazing software for the final projects (I preach the word jejeje)
    because no one know the Blender potential... even that it can make games ._.

    where can we found that "promotional" video? (if is possible)


    PD: When Ton say when he maded the first line of code... it was wonderful for my soul. :)

  • MmAaXx

    Blender gogogo!

    What about the BG footage? can you share that video on youtube or Vimeo please ? 8)

  • LswaN

    For everyone looking for the demo video, I think it can be found here: though I haven't finished downloading it yet (over 3 GB), so I can't make any promises. Just scroll down to the fifth bullet point under "Tradeshow Booth", there is a link there for the video .iso.

  • Joe

    I like how Colin turned around looking like 0_o when Ton mentioned robots attacking Amsterdam lol

  • James

    Heheh, there's that director

  • SavageCode

    Colin had a SciFi boner when Ton mentioned Mango and all that action lol.

    Great interview! :D

  • Iván

    The backgrownd looks f amazing....downloading the .iso mentioned.

  • AnimaticoideX

    Since 1994 ! This is what is known as determination and Perseverance, we have only one life, no afraid to invest it in our Projects and ideas. Definitely Blender has grown and now is showing the fruits, and many more to come.
    Great Interview,
    Congratulation Mr Roosendaal.

  • Xtra

    That last advertising showing in the background is funny.

  • D@nny

    What an annoying reporter! Show some interest man. Don't react like you don't give a sh*t what someone has to say. And stop that annoying, yes, yes, oh yeah, sure "thing". Learn to react like you actually interesting in the answers.
    Besides that it's great to hear that 2.6 is coming next month and great to hear some little things about project Mango!

  • Blink

    I really I mean really love this software.
    Awesome Developper for Awesome result.
    2.6 will be totally pure awesomeness.

  • Toho


    Actually, yes they do. They have both had camera tracking, tho not the best you will find, but none the less they have existed for years and I have used both.

  • FloridaJo

    Ton is the man!!!
    I agree with Jan. It was like Question..Okay, okay on to my next question, don't take my spotlight, I'm in charge here!

  • bobbygoy

    Not having camera tracking isn't necessarily a bad thing.

    Sometimes its good to be the jack of all trades, sometimes its not. There is always a trade off.

    For example, Max specializes in 3d Modeling.

    The goal for Blender is to be a complete 3d suite. Is this good or bad? It's neither, it really depends on what you're looking for. If you want an application that focuses more on 3d modeling, then get one that focuses primarily on that.

    For me, Blender has enough for modeling for me that Using something like 3ds Max would be overkill.

    Once the vfx pipeline for Blender is finished we have the same scenario. Do you need a fully fledged vfx compositing tool like After Effects or will Blender's features be enough for you?

    It's always good to be the jack of all trades, but specializing with one thing is helpful, too. It just depends on what your needs are.

  • 6

    Hope Blender will be able to do this sometime in the future.

  • Dave

    Wow the slogan at the Autodesk booth is really... well...

    Seems they realized that Blender is going to be their main competition...

  • Brian L.

    Ton's the man! I'm so looking forward to that Blender 2.6 release in around September! I love how when Ton mentioned robots attacking Amsterdam in Project Mango, Colin turned around like, "Hell yeah!" His cameo was priceless! Hahaha! But boy, that reporter was a bit annoying to me. I don't like those kind of pushy "Yes, uh huh, yeah, okay, okay..." reporters. No courtesy, I tell you. Anyways, I'm looking forward to seeing more updates about Blender Foundation at SIGGRAPH 2011!

  • John

    Blender is so freaking awesome already. Now 2.6 with even more stuff? Been my favorite software since 2002!! Ton, thank you!

  • Tristan

    Have anyone a youtube link for the for the Movie in the background.

    And yeah great Interview, Ton for President ;)

  • jamez

    I will merely echo the 3 main sentiments of others here:

    - Really hope to see that background video posted onto Youtube :)

    - The interviewer is bloody awful...please give up your day job. Was also really disappointed with his Pixologic interview ;(

    - Ton is a legend as always!

  • kijja

    Thanks to 3D Total.

  • mcreamsurfer

    I just checked out the .iso people mention here above looking for the BG-Footage but it doesn't seem to be on there...or at least I can't find - so help on this or a link would be much, much appreciated.

    Thanks ind advance again


  • Michael120


    Same problem here...I really liked that vid! D:


  • Michael120

    Ah hah! Found something:

    "Link to showreel download & youtube coming soon!"

    Mesa can't wait :D

    (This was found here: )


  • whocares2984832904

    is it just the bad illumination or are there really black blender
    shirts with the smaller layout out there ?

  • Deyson

    Blender is awesome!

    I would love to the background movie on youtube or vimeo to share with world :)

    Have a rocking day!

  • Is It Me

    Man, I had a hard time watching this because the interviewer was dying to say something every second... "yeah" "ok" "yeah" "ok" so distracting.

  • Mike Pan

    Hi all, the demoreel was put together by me and will be polished and released to the public soon.

  • Deyson

    Thank you Mike. Please keep us posted as I am anxious to post it on my blog :)

    Have an awesome day!

  • APG

    THe background movies have all been showed here if you wonder. And i too look forward to blender 2.6 and projekt mango ofc. :)

  • kram1032

    Small excuse for the interviewer:
    I'm pretty sure in a lot of those interviews, he'd have needed more time, e.g. if those where 1h-interviews, he could actually "be reasonable" as an interviewer.
    However, those terribly short interviews (which are necessary if you only have a single interviewer, as Siggraph is so big and you have a lot of material to cover) don't allow him to poke as much into the details as he'd like.

    So either 3Dtotal needs more interviewers or their one interviewer should learn how to deal with terribly little time.

  • Mehmet PINARCI

    Soon as I meet this man , I am going to , royaly kiss his hand .

  • Colin Levy

    Haha, I didn't realize they were on such a wide-angle lens. :P

  • erickblend

    Here is the video playing in the background during the interview

    Enjoy ;)

  • erickblend
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