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Blender Development Meeting Notes

Some of you missed the Blender Development Meeting Notes. These are routinely mailed to us by the Blender Foundation, so I contacted Ton to ask what was going on. He wrote:

The last two meetings were dedicated to bug statuses - the meeting minutes are only interesting for developers.

Ton Roosendaal writes:

Short meeting, we went over current 2.5x issues mostly:

  • Kishalmi (lmg) proposes to use SDL's joystick support to also support SpaceNavigator. He has a basic stand-alone proof-of-concept work, but would need help from Blender coders to check on this for our GHOST library.
  • Physics: Ed Halley offers help for point caches and other physics related topics, especially on UI level. He already connected with Daniel Genrich and Janne Karhu
  • Bug Tracker: Volume Bugs keep open quite long now, can we get a wiki doc describing "what works" and "what's the WIP part? (@ Matt Ebb)
  • Bug Tracker: Jeroen Bakker offers to help Nathan Letwory with Collada issues

Back to bug fixing!


  • dsavi

    It's a long, boring march to stability, but very necessary. :/

  • Chris

    It's refreshing to see the focus on bugfixing. Get blender out of beta and then add features later on a nicely debugged framework.

  • blendtuts

    Good luck to the developers!! It must be horrible to be all the time fixing bugs, but as said, it's very necesary :)

  • Maddes

    keep up the good Work.
    Make it more stable, solid.
    ah -space navigator is a nice-to-have.
    But actally: if its already there, why not have Joystick-support at all?
    Having Joystick-events available in the Keyboard-mapping would be nice. Use Joysick in Camera-flight mode-why not?
    Use Joystick for the 3d-view, together with joystick-buttons for zoom /pan/rotate
    Not really as god as a real 3d-mouse, but many have a Joystick around anyways.

  • joris

    the bugfixing goes very well....good job to all developers.
    and yeeezzz finally spacenavigator, hope I can test it soon cause I missed it>

    keep up the good work

  • 4museman

    Thanks to all coders for their effort! They all are real heroes for us! (not overstated at all!)

  • NRK

    Great job to all:) What a slog...

    Is there any way to give volume bugs to Farsthary instead of Matt?

  • Moolah

    I consider that meeting minutes are interesting articles. Shortly I see the whole progress for some time of the development. Also it give me some clues what is better to put my attention on while founding bugs.
    On the other side - if developers has no time or moral energy to write about it here...

  • jan de vries

    I like these development updates, interesting to get a little insight in the process. Thanks Ton and Bart

  • RNS

    Wish them the best, However..........

  • alalo

    yay for focus! :) Good to know that Blender is in so good hands. You guys are doing an outsdanding job against the bugs.


  • BnBGobo99

    "the meeting minutes are only interesting for developers"
    I'm not a developer, buy I really do find these notes interesting. :)

  • danny s

    yay space nav! i needs it!

  • kijja

    Enjoy Ton's twitter and you work hard devs.

  • quisto

    SpaceNavigor Please :D Yay... Thank you!

  • h3ll

    on 3d mouse support:
    can it work in non3d space areas as well for example the node editor.
    any area that the user will pan and zoom would be nice and give better support than other apps.

  • ghuck

    I would love to get my space navagator working in 2.5x again, I miss it from the 2.4x version. But was that not a GSOC project this summer just waiting on a SVN merge?

  • flagus

    Thanks for the updates. Like many I'm no developper, but i never miss to read those developpers meeting notes.

    Big thanks to Ton and all the Devs working to make Blender more stable. My friends and I are now using 2.55 in most projects now. I'm the only one sticking a bid with 2.49 kose of Yafaray. Otherwose 2.55 is so much better for everything.

    Big thanks again.

  • Greg

    I'll jump back to Blender - and 3D design in general - when Blender is stabilized and properly documented. And I think it's gonna be awesome...

  • Rob

    Happy [bug] hunting.

  • htb

    there's no such thing;)

  • peter

    the talent that is working on Blender blows me away--Ton is a magnificent person--

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