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  • lightbeetle

    i saw that theres a newer car tutorial there too for 2.5

  • Zanyman

    I've actually spent couple of weeks following this tutorial. The end result is not good. The author doesn't really focus on the topology and you end up with a lot of triangles if you follow the tut verbatim. I've even posted about this on the dark scarab forum and he agreed that the tutorial needed cleaning up.

    Instead, I would highy recommend Jonathan Williamson's Porsche tutorial on He explains in great detail about topology and why it is important.

  • Proportion

    2.49?? thats sooo 2009 :D

  • tyrant monkey

    its not particularly a good tutorial in fact if you are new to car modeling I wouldn't recommend it you are going to learn a lot of bad techniques that you really shouldn't. The end topology is a mess, lots of triangles and the flow is wrong in several places

  • SPARTAN-001

    Hi, I"m SPARTAN-001, the moderator over at Dark Scarab. If you feel that a tutorial isn't up to your standards, please feel free to post comments in our forums, and we'll try to deal with any issues. We also accept user submitted tutorials, so if you think you can make a better tutorial, we'd be happy to see it. Thank you.

  • Zanyman

    I did post about this on the forums: (With a different username 'Guybrush'. Sorry about that). And in one of the posts in the thread, the author himself/herself says the tutorial needs an update.

    Please don't take this in the wrong way, the effort put into the tutorial is definitely appreciated. But it needs to be updated to focus a lot more on the topology while modeling.

  • mr.Me

    this tutorial was jurassic i mean its old, but i admit this tutorial HELPED me a lot when I'm still new in Blender :D not a topology wise though

  • Thomas
  • comeinandburn

    Wow this updated version is awesome!

  • txrx

    Yep, I'd point everyone to the newer modelling tutorial (car modelling in 4 parts) as well since it does look pretty damn good! Nice!

  • SPARTAN-001

    The car modeling tutorial for Blender 2.5 is much better than the older one posted here. I'd recommend that anybody who didn't like the first one to check it out.

  • trinity5150

    That's an older tutorial using 2.49 The tutorial also leave a lot of important details out.

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