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Shoot holes in Big Buck Bunny

The HTML5 specification offers some nifty new possibilities for video manipulation. This is probably amazingly boring for most people here, but here's a cool example: Blow up Big Buck Bunny in your browser! (You'll need a modern browser to be able to see this).


  • Nicknamz

    Amazing, run very well in Chrome.

  • dsavi

    Runs better in Chrome but Firefox anti-aliases it.

  • endi

    fantastically... useles.. :)

  • Lars

    cool stuff

    thanks for the share

  • Aden

    Works amazingly in Safari 4

  • Another Fellow

    Yee, more uselles stuff to play with :)

  • lexi

    Effects worked in FF 3.6.5 and XP but only stills, maybe only too slow connection.

  • spacetug

    "I’ve changed the ogg video to be 640 x 360, prepare to see firefox weep"

    funny, firefox didn't weep for me...
    although the framerate was pretty low.

    in chrome, the lack of AA was really annoying, but it did run at a good framerate.

  • MTracer

    It doesn't work for me. On ubuntu 9.04, firefox 3. Any ideas?

  • Samuel

    Awesome stuff... In and of itself might be useless, but there are possibilities yet to be explored with interactive online video

  • Sean

    Think outside the box - it took my like 3 seconds to realize that you could make moving jigsaw puzzles with this. Watched the matrix like 20, 000 times? Well now you can try to put it together while it's playing - the timelimit is the length of the movie!

  • Piiichan

    Very interesting!

    The demo will work only in firefox 3.5 minimum, since it uses the video and canvas elements.

    It is a proof of concept: it is useful in the sense that it shows what can be achieved in modern web browsers without the help of additional (proprietary) plugins such as as Adobe Flash.

  • djallalnamri

    all i can say is...poor big buck bunny/

  • MmAaXx

    ahahahah funny :)

  • aws357

    Works on Firefox 3.5.9 on macpro 8 core. But it is sluggish.

    It is quite surprising if you know that this machine has all the perks you could get from the apple store (lab machines rocks :)).

    I think it still needs improvement and optimization, but it is promising (IF and only IF it becomes a REAL standard... meaning no Microsoft Visual HTML 5 or Apple Objective HTML 5 or nVidia NVHTML5)

    And doesn't seems to work on mobile chrome (Motorola Milestone Android 2.1 update-1). So much for "works on webkit based browser" :(

    Would it be possible to make one version that works on both desktop and mobile browsers?

    Did anyone test this with the iPhone's Safari?

  • Pawel

    I don't know what to think about Canvas - sounds a bit proprietary and non-standards-compliant.
    from Wikipedia:
    "At the time of its introduction the canvas element was met with mixed reactions from the web standards community. There have been arguments against Apple's decision to create a new proprietary element instead of supporting the SVG standard. Further arguments are concerning the logic upon which canvas was conceived: being completely procedural and not having a descriptive counterpart allowed canvas to 'paint', but drawn elements are not identifiable in a DOM-like way."

  • Morokiane

    Runs super slow in Firefox and Chrome on Windows 7. Run little better in Firefox in Ubuntu. Runs perfect in Chrome Ubuntu

  • franzrogar

    Runs perfectly in Firefox 3.6.3 in Archlinux. Well, in honour of truth, it runs perfectly :-)

    Just hope OGG would be the default HTML5 video codec.

  • Limvot

    My dev version of Firefox on Ubuntu manhandled it.
    I love Firefox so much. Go HTML5!

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