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BGE Beginner Tutorial : Using Video Textures

bgevideoEver wondered how to set up the new video textures feature in the Blender Game Engine?  Dennis has written a easy to follow tutorial on exactly how to do it.

The tutorial can be found here.

Dennis explains:

"Since the release of Blender 2.49 I have nothing left to complain about! One of the many new features in this version is the VideoTexture module. Great news!
So how does it work? The how-to on the Blender site is good enough to get you started if you have some experience with Blender and the Game Engine. If you're only slightly familiar with it then it becomes a bit more difficult. In this mini-tutorial I will try to make it easy for beginners. Give me a shout if you feel I've missed some essential points.


  • RH2

    YAY :)

  • dusty

    Nice! This is going to REALLY help!!

  • ndnchief

    It is not working for me, no idea what i am doing wrong. i get

    File "LoadVideo", line 11, in Name Error : 'VideoTexture' is not defined Python Script error from

    controller "cont#CONTR#1":

  • Dennis

    @ndnchief: did you include this line?

    import VideoTexture

  • Acolyte

    Is everyone else getting sound from the video? I'm new to the game engine, so if anyone knows how to enable sound within Blender for the engine I would appreciate it!

  • ndnchief

    Yes, I believe I lose it at "Before continuing, make sure you're in Object mode (press 'tab') and draw type is textured. Could you please explain this simple step, to a simpler mind... I press tab while in object mode and it will ofcourse switch to edit mode. does that automatically change drawtype to textured or do I need to do more. If so I cant find Drawtype.... Thanks

  • blendenzo

    @ Acolyte
    The VideoTexture module does not yet support sound.

  • Acolyte

    Ok, thanks for the reply!

  • Nixon

    i think the drawtype mentioned in the tutorial is the viewport shading,
    you can switch the drawtype there from wireframe, to solid, shaded and textured
    u can switch thru em with z (wireframe/solid) shift -z(shaded) and alt-z (textured)

    I might be wrong but thats what I understood on the line about being in object mode and drawtype is shaded.
    If this is not the case...somebody pls. correct me ..since i didnt work thru the tutorial in blender yet but just read it.

  • Dennis

    @ndnchief: thanks for pointing that out, that part does require a more elaborate description

    @Nixon: that's right :)

  • gothman

    i have something you could add to the tutorial. How does one use the different video sources listed in the wiki at i am interested in using the videoForWindows capture source to stream from a webcam. i havent found any references on how to do it blender.

  • ndnchief

    OMG! The alt-z I needed to know, but I still could not get it to work. So I compared my file to the blend file offered. I did not have the "Activate TRUE level triggering (pulse mode)" button pressed on the sensor panel. Jeez, such a simple thing. I can do this by memory now after so many tries. LOL... Thanks to everyone for the responses...

  • Dennis

    @ndnchief: I've updated the tutorial to make these points clear. Thanks for you feedback!

  • Nixon

    @dennis and ndnchief
    I had the same issue occuring with the pulse mode not selected properly so s the animation wouldn'T trigger at keystroke---
    thx to both of your efforts its working perfect now:)
    great mini tutorial, and thx 4 the fast help

  • Minifig

    That was awesome!
    I am totally going to have to use this in a game sometime soon...

  • a2z

    I found this tutorial last night. Finally I was able to get a video to play in the ge.
    But when I tried to make it work with jaunty, it won't play.
    I was thinking it may be a path problem for the movie. I've tried everything I could think of to no avail. I'm still quite new to linux too. So any counseling is always appreciated.
    Thanks for the great tut for windows!
    PS: more & more ppl are moving to linux. I can't hardly blame them. It's an awesome OS because it is cared for by a devoted community just like Blender!

  • Nixon

    did u try to use the included blend file wich u can download above?...
    cuz if this won't work with your setup too theres maybe some bug or setting wrong,
    and make sure u have 'activate true level triggering' (pulse mode) seected in the sensor panel
    (like mentioned in ndnchief's post )

  • a2z

    With blender 2.49(a) update it works excellent with linux
    Thanks for helping

  • Nik Nik

    this video texture stuff just does not work for me, ive looked at over literally 100 vids and tutorials, but any script or tut i use does not work in the ge. maybe cos im using the mac version? I know that i do every instruction right, but this is crazy!

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