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Nokia N95 accelerometer in Blender

n95-blenderMarco Rapino has created a Python script to use the N95's accelerometer data in the Blender game engine.

Marco wrote:

Hi, I'm a 25 years old italian developer working in a research centre in Helsinki (CKIR). I developed this prototype which shows you how the N95 accelerometer's data can be used in Blender, thereby as an input device for the BGE. The prototype is simple I know, but the aim is to show how Blender possibilities, besides modeling, animating, composing (that is also for what I use Blender mainly for) etc. are practically endless since you can use the Python language within it. Which makes Blender, one of the most flexible software I have ever seen/worked with. You can find more informations (soon I will upload also the source code and .blend files) at my blog.

Thanks for your attention!



  • madnux

    Really awesome!
    Blender FTW!

  • mercury

    bueno; ya podremos crear juegos del tipo del Wii...
    el único problema es el teléfono XD

  • Divine Rage


    Though now I feel my Nokia XpressMusic 5310 that I bought 2 months ago is useless...

  • aktathelegend

    true, you can also use the wiimote of course, but in general Python extends so much Blender that I have some difficulties in thinking about all the possibilities, which are endless since Python can be extended using c and c++ :)

  • Bastian

    Cool experiment, maybe in the future we have such a device to control the viewport. I think its best to control it with the head. Im pretty sure Sony and Microsoft are also experimenting which such devices for their game consoles and the PC will follow. The next step is to control the cursor with the eyes and make a click with a blink :)

    Btw. isnt that Wonderboy in Monsterland music in the background? Its so familiar.

  • megalmn2000

    Wow! That's cool! It reminds me of my course at school, call "Multimedia presentation" when we learn how to use Arduino. Pretty cool trick!

  • GnomGames

    Wow, very good =) It's like Wii =)

  • freen

    That's brilliant!

  • aktathelegend

    if you roughly think that you could attach your N95 to a baseball cap then you have what you want :D no seriously, you can do something like that using the ps3 controller. It's better than the wiimote because you can rotate on z, x and y axis (twist,roll and tilt) that are basically the movements that your head can do. Wiimote doesn't have a gyroscope, even if they promised to integrate it with the wiimote plus and that limits the rotation on the z axis. And yes, the music is from wonderboy 3 :D

    thanks! :)

  • ysvry

    great thinking, This could also be used as a 3d modeler if the phone records linear acceleration precise enough. try it out with blenders sculpt function. how much is such phone :)

  • aktathelegend

    wow, I haven't thought about sculpting with a N95! That sounds cool, let me see what can be done :)

  • Agile

    I found an article on similar matter - haptic 3d sculpting. But it is hosted at ACM and they are not going to provide
    full free access to any resources grr... It is another form of eliticism? -articles on computer graphics as any other scientific articles should be free acessible, not hosted and prevented from any individual!!!

  • drop

    Great hack!
    Would be fun to use this with Neverball or another Monkey Ball Clone.
    Nice choice of background music ;)

  • n00bhaxor

    Hey, that's pretty cool! Agree with drop,^^ we should do Monkeyball!

  • Robo3Dguy

    Totally cool! Awesome music!

  • aktathelegend

    thanks guys, as soon as I document the code I'll put it on my website, so stay tuned! I hope to manage to do it over the week-end, I promise :)

  • Agile

    Nice work!

  • ByronK

    That is so cool! I need to get a new phone. (and learn Python)

  • afalldorf

    This looks like it works very similar to a wii remote, would be cool if some found a way to get them implemented properly.

  • mercury

    lo que yo decía es que el uso que se le puede dar al teléfono es similar al control de la Wii: tal vez lo exprese mal :)
    buen trabajo el tuyo :)

  • aktathelegend

    ok got it! :)

    btw I managed to put sources on my blog ( ), so now you can download the rar package and try it out with your own N95 and Blender :)
    Happy blending!

  • ethana2

    You don't need a proprietary OS, do you?

  • aktathelegend

    no ethana, it's platform independent since I used python and Blender, so the server code runs on Linux/OSX/Win while the mobile just on N95 obviously because the accelerometer :)

  • Agile

    Have you tried other accelerometer devices? will any of them work with your script?

  • aktathelegend


    As long as you can access them in Python, yes they will work :) if python doesn't provide direct access to the accelerometer you need to write a connector in c/c++. do you have some device specific in mind? so maybe I can be more precise on how you could do :)

  • Agile

    Hey, thanks for the interest! I had no specific device in mind, but as I thought before of 3d sculpting wit this sort of thing, first on my mind came:, and then I thought of Wii controller and found this: Is there any chnace taht this will work?

  • xenon
  • Agile

    Thanks for the interest , I thought of Wii controller:
    is there any chance that it will work?

  • aktathelegend

    yeah indeed! there's already a working example which uses glovePIE as a sort of "middleware" and pythonOSC. If you are interested check it out here:

    This was discussed long time ago also here on BN :)

  • Lucas da Costa Dantas

    Nice Tip and example video .Nice play with .

  • gumanoed

    I have an access to 3 wiimotes wich we use as the base for Whiteboard in college. And, i think, it possable to use them the same way with 4 buttons on them :)

    Under Linux i was able to use wiimote ass a cursor contreller (in desktop and in games).

    But still, this is cool idea!!!

  • Moremun

    This is what open source is.Everyone contributes the program according to their talents and the level of knowledge.Creating a huge sinergy which is the very essence of an open-source thing.

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  • GabrielBAP

    Python and Blender FTW!

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